Pipette Quality Management Certification

Whether you have been working in the lab for years or are just starting out in the laboratory, this two-day, hands-on training will strengthen your professional capabilities. You will learn how to improve overall data quality by establishing a robust QA/QC program for your lab’s pipettes, pipette users, and liquid handling process. Perfect for meeting internal standards and regulatory requirements.

Upcoming Trainings

• October 19-20, 2023 - Scarborough, Maine

• May 16-17, 2024 - Scarborough, Maine

• October 17-18, 2024 - Scarborough, Maine

A must-attend training seminar for lab quality managers.

Vasiti Uluiviti, Guam
Department of Public Health

One of the best seminars I have ever attended.

Mauricio Javier Almeida,
Roche Molecular

First tip to being a better pipetter, attend this course!

Sam Balmanno, BioFire

Saving time and boosting quality starts with robust pipette management

Improve data quality and boost productivity with this two-day, hands-on seminar that covers all aspects of pipette management. The program is held at Artel’s headquarters in Westbrook, Maine, and is designed for laboratory personnel who use pipettes daily and need to manage regulatory compliance, improve internal processes for pipette management, or establish an internal pipette quality assurance program.
With classroom and hands-on sessions, a written and practical exam, training manual, and many opportunities for discussion with our experienced instructors, participants will leave the seminar well-prepared to set up a robust QA/QC program for pipettes, technologists, and liquid handling processes. Participants will also get a chance to compete in a pipette challenge, and will be awarded a Gold, Silver, or Bronze pipetting medal depending on performance (most participants receive a Gold medal after training!).
Topics include:
  • Best Practices in Pipetting Technique
  • Pipetting Viscous Solutions
  • Pipette Ergonomics
  • Regulations and Compliance, Includes Reviewing the New and Revised ISO Standards
  • Pipette Repair and Maintenance
  • Diagnosing Pipette Failure
  • Calibration Methodologies
  • Setting up a Quality Assurance Program
  • Single and Multichannel Pipetting Technique Certification
Intended for:
  • Laboratory managers and supervisor
  • QA and QC supervisors
  • Metrology professionals and calibration specialists
  • Laboratory technologists and technicians
  • Research scientists and analysts and assistants
  • Training managers and analysts
  • Forensic technologists

Candie Gilman
Education & Training Manager

Meet the Instructors

Get familiar with the brilliant team who delivers Artel hands-on training.

Whether or not you’re new or experienced in pipette usage, this training will elevate your understanding and expand your knowledge of this area. It’s beneficial to personal career and company’s development.

QA/QC Director
Leading Genetic Testing Company

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