QualAssure® Solutions for PCS

Facilitate the highest standard of quality control for calibration and interim performance verification of your manual pipettes and improve pipetting proficiency of operators.

The PCS QualAssure solutions are designed to measure pipette and operator performance. The QualAssure solutions for PCS are available in six concentrations from 0.1 μL and up to 5 mL.

Pipette Calibration, Verification and Operator Assessment

Did you know there are several useful applications?

The PCS QualAssure solutions can be used to measure pipette performance and assess operator competency to ensure reliable results:

  • Perform pipette calibration
  • Schedule operator training and yearly assessments
  • Conduct quick checks before critical assays
  • Interim verifications for suspected malfunction or when a problem is suspected

Perform a 10-data-point calibration, complete
with documentation, in less than 3 minutes

Precise calibration in a few simple steps

PCS Step 1

Using the PCS Software, select a pipette or operator to begin calibration or competency assessment.


Pipette sample into the cuvette. Results for each dispense are displayed within the software.

Artel PCS Calibration Report

Digitally review, approve and sign-off on calibrations and operator assessments.

PCS QualAssure solutions allow our customers to reduce liquid transfer variability by ensuring pipettes are always calibrated and operators are well trained. The QualAssure solutions make it simple to test dispensed volumes across a wide volume range.

Dr. Nathaniel Hentz

Dr. Melinda Gold
Product Manager
QualAssure Manufacturing

Metrological Traceability

Metrological traceability is maintained to the international system of units (SI). Photometric standards are calibrated at the National Physical Laboratory of the United Kingdom. Qualification of reference spectrophotometers meets applicable standards such as the United States Pharmacopeia (USP), ISO, CLSI, and ASTM International.

Metrological Reference Standards

Solution Manufacturing

  • Solutions are manufactured in a HEPA filtered clean room.
  • Precise chemical formulations are made according to gravimetric and volumetric standard operating procedures by qualified chemists.
  • Solutions are manufactured, preserved and sub-micron filtered to ensure stability and performance.
  • Release testing is done in Artel’s accredited ISO 17025 laboratory.

PCS QualAssure Manufacturing

Quality Testing

  • Calibration of all solutions is performed with very precise methods.
      • ±0.0004 AU for 730 nm measurements
      • Accuracy measured with uncertainty as low as 0.033%
  • The Artel laboratory maintains an ISO 17025 scope of accreditation for calibration methods used to test all manufactured solutions.
  • All laboratory chemists go through a rigorous training and qualification plan prior to performing methods.
  • Proficiency testing via inter-laboratory and intra-laboratory comparison monitors the competence of all laboratory chemists.
  • The laboratory environment meets the requirements of ISO 8655 and NIST SOP 14.
  • The laboratory maintains a registered quality management system according to ISO 9001 which ensures document control, record control, risk/opportunity, improvement, corrective action, internal audits and management review.

Tested Solutions

Filling & Labeling

Filling is conducted in a clean room environment. Quality checks are performed throughout the filling and labeling process and records are kept documenting all data collected and indicating personnel involved in each step.

Blank vials and QualAssure solutions are filled weekly and delivered to laboratories with stability for 15 months. Blank vial fill volume is confirmed with 0.012% uncertainty.

Filling and Labeling

Support & Ordering
Technical Services
Artel’s dedicated metrologists, scientists, engineers, and support specialists are here to answer your questions, troubleshoot problems, and help you ensure accurate, precise liquid delivery for reliable assay results.
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Please place orders by telephone, fax, email, or mail. Our customer service representatives are available Monday through Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Eastern Time.


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