SerumSub™ QualAssure® Solution

Ensure the precision of your serum volume transfers, and the accuracy of your ELISA and other protein or cell based assays results.

The new SerumSub solutions have been formulated to mimic the liquid handling properties of a variety of animal sera.

Introducing the new SerumSub

Do you know the volume of serum you are delivering in your assays?

The SerumSub QualAssure solutions reduce the amount of time and reagents spent optimizing your ALH assays for dispensing serum and you will waste less time analyzing inconsistent or incorrect results.

Incorrect Delivery Volume of Serum Can Lead to Improper Quantification

Dispense: Starting with the default parameters on the automated liquid handler, dispense Artel SerumSub QualAssure solution and diluent into Artel Verification Plate.

Measure: After mixing on the plate shaker, read the plate on the MVS.

Assess: The system calculates volume accuracy and precision for each well and provides statistics.

Adjust: Based on results, adjust (as needed) parameters such as aspiration speed, dispense speed, delay blowout, speed blowout movement blowout, initial stroke, aspirate height, dispense height and volume offset.

The SerumSub QualAssure solution is awesome, it allows us to see quickly how the dispensing data is comparable in each well of a 96 well plate. Compared to using gravimetry, the MVS and SerumSub saves time, because we can dispense and get the results for 96 wells simultaneously. We plan on using SerumSub to optimize a serum liquid class and then routinely verify our automated liquid handler performance.​

Kenneth Wilson

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