PlasProxy QualAssure Solution

PlasProxy helps improve the performance of assays containing plasma, as it can be used to assist in liquid class optimization.

PlasProxy solutions have been formulated to mimic commercially available plasma.

Introducing the new PlasProxy

Do you know what volume of plasma you are delivering?

The PlasProxy QualAssure solutions can be used for volume verification and calibration of automated liquid handlers which can streamline the process of assays containing plasma.

Incorrect Delivery Volume of Plasma Can Lead to Inaccurate Critical Results

Dispense: Starting with the default parameters on the automated liquid handler, dispense Artel PlasProxy QualAssure solution and diluent into Artel Verification Plate.

Measure: After mixing on the plate shaker, read the plate on the MVS.

Assess: The system calculates volume accuracy and precision for each well and provides statistics.

Adjust: Based on results, adjust (as needed) parameters such as aspiration speed, dispense speed, delay blowout, speed blowout, movement blowout, initial stroke, aspirate height, dispense height and volume offset.

PlasProxy is a practical solution to improving the workflows of assays that involve dispensing plasma. We’ve worked closely with our customers to develop this much needed tool so their laboratories can achieve higher productivity from their workflows, while improving data accuracy and quality and lowering costs.​

Melinda Gold, PhD
Product Manager,

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