PCS Software

Ensure pipettes are performing properly and operator skills are standardized

Manage your pipette calibration program and assess operator competency.

Used in combination with the Artel PCS, the PCS Software ensures your pipettes and their operators are working together to generate accurate and reproducible results. The PCS Software provides scheduling for pipette calibrations and interim performance verifications; complete documentation and pipette inventory management, even for pipettes calibrated outside of PCS Software – and it’s ideal for standardizing pipetting technique and assessing operator competency.

The PCS complies with the Photometric Method described in ISO 8655-7:2005 and can be used to fulfill test and calibration requirements according to CLSI QMS23:2019, ISO 17025:2017, cGMP, and cGLP. PCS Software can be used in laboratories compliant to 21 CFR Part 11.


Easy to install software and set up for users.

Kim Honeycutt, Ballad Health
Application Area: *Pipette Calibration*

Fantastic pipetting system!

Beth Halaby, University of Massachusetts Lowell
Application Area: *Pipette Calibration*

Easy to use; easy to train new users…

Penny Yaste, University of Nevada Reno
Application Area: *Clinical Laboratory*


Complete View
Intuitive dashboards provide a complete overview for managing and reviewing each pipette's and operator's status, from anywhere in your organization. Allows user authentication and privilege management, versioning of calibration, training plans and electronic signatures.
Email notifications for calibrations, competency assessments, and for overdue tasks. Review, approve and sign-off on calibration reports electronically. Generate calibration and inventory labels. Provides a complete audit trail.
Pipette Inventory and QC
Maintain and manage your entire pipette inventory for complete QC of each device. Schedule calibrations and interim performance verification at defined intervals, and if required perform calibrations on an ad-hoc basis. Pipettes that have been calibrated outside of PCS Software can have those calibration records uploaded and become part of the pipette’s history.
Warranty and Services
The PCS complies with the Photometric Method described in ISO 8655-7:2005 and can be used to fulfill test and calibration requirements according to CLSI QMS23:2019, ISO 17025:2017, cGMP, and cGLP. PCS Software can be used in laboratories compliant to 21 CFR Part 11.
Testing Requirements
Customize tolerances based on your lab’s requirements to provide pass/fail results.
Operator Assessment
Schedule and document operator performance for internal and external regulatory compliance.
Key Applications
  • Calibrate pipettes in the lab in which they are used; review results anywhere
  • Standardize pipetting technique with scheduled and documented operator competency assessments
  • Conduct interim performance verifications to supplement full calibration programs
  • Verify pipette performance before and after maintenance, or following outsourced service
  • Perform “quick checks” when pipetting performance or operator technique is in question
  • Upload calibration certificates and repair documentation, as well as summary statistics for pipettes calibrated outside of PCS Software, including Artel Data Manager, Artel Pipette Tracker and third party or manufacturer services.

Minimum requirements

  • x64 Processor: 1.4 GHz or faster
  • Windows 10
  • 4 GB of Memory
  • 40 GB of hard drive space
  • 2 available USB ports
Dashboard & Screens
Screenshot of the PCS pipette calibration software features.

PCS Software features:

  • an intuitive, dashboard-based user interface with a “Get Started” menu to guide users through initial set-up
  • an overview of current and overdue tasks, with clearly-highlighted outstanding items
  • customizable shortcuts to place the most relevant actions just a click away

Pipette Calibration

PCS Software guides users through pipette calibration, and records details including pipette status (passed / failed), all calibration data points (including repeated attempts and audit comments), pipette ID, operator, reviewer, and all calibration solutions used. Electronic signatures enable a streamlined, paperless workflow.

PCS pipette calibration software allows electronic signatures and regulatory compliance.

Electronic Signatures and Compliance

An optional Security Suite offers essential features for facilities that maintain compliance with Title 21 CFR Part 11:

  • unique user account credentials ensure all actions are tracked with a full audit trail
  • user groups with specific privileges can be established
  • new plans and plan updates require approval and are given specific version numbers
  • laboratory managers can set an electronic signature requirement at any step (for full compliance with the lab’s own quality system)
  • each auditable action requires audit comments when complete, and audit data is saved in secure SQL databases which may be placed on a mapped server to ensure regular back-ups

Pipette calibration report from the pipette calibration software.

Pipette Calibration Report

This comprehensive report captures each pipette calibration, clearly identifying the pipette’s pass/fail status and all data: the pipette, operator, reviewer, all calibration solutions used, repeated attempts and corresponding audit comments. Electronic approval and sign-off simplifies both review and recordkeeping.

Click here to view a full pipette calibration report.

Operator Training / Competency Assessment

Regularly-scheduled assessments are now part of many laboratories’ own quality systems, and may be a regulatory requirement as well. The PCS and PCS Software is the ideal training tool because of its immediate feedback of actual volume pipetted. PCS Software allows set-up of individual training and competency assessment plans, and the Operator Training Report provides documented proof of personnel training and skills appraisal. Trainees receive email notification for upcoming training events, and managers can digitally review and approve results.

Click here to view a full operator training report.

Operator Training / Competency Assessment

In the event that a pipette is not functioning properly and is sent out for repair, it may be returned with a calibration certificate. That calibration certificate and the summary statistics can be tracked with the pipette’s history.

Support & Ordering
Technical Services
Artel’s dedicated metrologists, scientists, engineers, and support specialists are here to answer your questions, troubleshoot problems, and help you ensure accurate, precise liquid delivery for reliable assay results.
Tel: 1-888-406-3463, opt 2 (8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. ET)
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Please place orders by telephone, fax, email, or mail. Our customer service representatives are available Monday through Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Eastern Time.
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This is always a challenge because every person doing manual pipetting on the bench is different. We needed to verify that they could perform to the same standards as our robots and vice versa. We can’t afford to deal with liquid transfer variability.

Patrick Deitemeyer
Senior Development Specialist at Takeda

PCS® Software

Ensure pipettes are performing properly and operator skills are standardized

Questions and Answers

Does the PCS comply with my laboratory requirements?
The PCS complies with the Photometric Method described in ISO 8655-7:2005 and can be used to fulfill test and calibration requirements according to CLSI QMS23:2019, ISO 17025:2017, cGMP, and cGLP. PCS Software can be used in laboratories compliant to 21 CFR Part 11.
I currently own a PCS2 / PCS3; can I use the Software with my instrument?
It depends on the version of PCS2 or PCS3. The first step would be to look up your PCS serial number to determine if your current system is compatible.

If your PCS instrument serial number is above 703, you can use the PCS Software. We will supply you with a new PCS instrument firmware EEPROM, serial cable, and serial-USB adapter. There is no charge for the cables or the firmware EEPROM. However, if you require a barcode scanner and/or a label printer, you will need to purchase those items separately.
I am currently using Artel Pipette Tracker (APT) Software. Can I migrate the data from APT to PCS Software?
If you are using APT version 3.2 or 3.3, most of your existing information about pipette inventory, methods, test plans, groups and schedules can be migrated to PCS Software.

Actual calibration results, however, cannot be migrated. A software tool will guide you through the migration process.
Can I use the barcode scanner I used with Artel Pipette Tracker?
It depends on the model of barcode scanner you currently use. The following models are compatible with the PCS Software: Honeywell Xenon 1900 and 1902, and Honeywell 4600G.

If you are using another scanner model, please contact our Technical Services team to determine whether you will need to purchase a new one for use with the PCS Software.
What is the Security Suite for PCS Software?
The FDA has issued a set of requirements for electronic record management in 21 CFR Part 11. These include the requirements for electronic signatures, access control through unique user accounts, passwords, and permissions, clear indication of changes to existing instructions (such as calibration plans), availability of an audit trail, and measures of protecting the integrity of electronic records.

The Security Suite adds these requirements to the PCS Software, so that it can be used in an organization that complies with 21 CFR Part 11.
Can the PCS Software be validated?
Yes, a Validation Guide for the PCS Software is available, for conducting IQ/OQ validation.
I have multiple PCS instruments, how many licenses of the PCS Software do I need?
The PCS Software is licensed on a per-instrument basis. You will need to purchase one software license for each PCS instrument connected to the software.

There is no limit to the number of software client installs. This means, pipettes, operators and calibration/training plans can be set up, and calibration and operator assessment data can be reviewed and approved from computers not directly connected to the PCS instrument. This allows maximum flexibility of the software use.
How will the PCS Software be installed? Can it be networked?
The software will be delivered on a USB drive and will be installed from this source.

It can be installed on a PC or laptop that is directly connected to the PCS instrument (stand-alone installation), or the software’s database may be installed on a network server (client-server installation). In the client-server installation, the database can be shared by several connected computers with PCS instruments.

PCS Software will be delivered with SQL Server Express 2014, which will be automatically installed if there is no other supported version of SQL Server found on the PC or network server.
Will I need internet access to use the PCS Software?
The PCS Software does not require an active internet connection. Client-server installations require an active network connection within the organization to the database server.
Will there be updates to the PCS Software?
As any software product, the PCS Software will be actively maintained by Artel, and updates will be issued. Updates are free for the first year after purchase, and for customers participating in the Software Maintenance Plan.
How will I be notified of due pipette calibrations and operator assessments?
The PCS Software will send out reminder emails for due and overdue calibrations and operator assessments, as well as data pending review. Email timing is customizable.
If I need to send out a pipette for repair and the pipette is returned with a calibration certificate, can that information be added to the pipette’s history?
Yes, in PCS Software version 1.3 and higher, the software can accept external calibrations certificates for any pipette.

If a pipette is calibrated outside of PCS Software, the calibration records and summary statistics can be uploaded to the software and become part of the pipette’s history. That information will be used to generate a PCS Software header page for the uploaded certificate which will remain accessible as evidence of the calibration.
What file types can be uploaded for external calibration certificates?
PCS Software supports upload of .pdf, .doc, .docx, .xls, .xlsx, .html, .htm, .xml, and .csv file formats.
Can calibration records for pipettes larger than 5mL be stored in PCS Software?
Yes, in PCS Software version 1.3 and higher, calibration records for pipettes larger than 5mL can be uploaded and stored in a pipette’s history for any volume pipette.
Can Artel Pipette Tracker be used on a Windows 10 operating system?
No, it is recommended that APT users upgrade to PCS Software for compatibility with Windows 10.

Contact Artel toll-free at 888-406-3463 and speak with one of our sales representatives for details.

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