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PCS® Pipette Calibration System

Ensure data integrity, reliable test results, and regulatory compliance

Easily calibrate pipettes, perform interim verifications, standardize operator skills, manage pipette inventory, and more.

Fast, accurate, and precise, the PCS is a portable and easy-to-use volume verification system that simplifies single-channel pipette calibration, interim volume verification, and pipette user/operator training and competency assessment. Paired with the included PCS Software, the PCS helps you stay on top of your pipette inventory with calibration and interim verification scheduling, email notifications, pipette and pipette operator status, and comprehensive, auditable documentation. Easily meet both external regulatory requirements and internal quality standards to ensure data quality.

The power of the PCS stems from the ratiometric photometry technology and standardized dye solutions that are used to measure dispensed volumes. The system is robust against differences in environmental conditions and calibration results are traceable to NIST standards, enabling straightforward comparison of pipettes, operators, methods, and locations.

The PCS conforms to the Dual-Dye Ratiometric Photometric Method described in ISO 8655-7:2022 and facilitates conformity to the Photometric Reference Measurement Procedure described in ISO 8655-8:2022. The PCS can be used to fulfill test and calibration requirements according to CLSI QMS23:2019, ISO 17025:2017, cGMP, and cGLP. PCS Software can be used in laboratories compliant to 21 CFR Part 11.


Easy to use!

Penny Yaste
Nevada State Public Health Laboratory

Easy to train
new users.

Angela Schneider
Consultants Laboratory, Agnesian Healthcare

Great results
every time.

Kris Anderson

Perform a 10-data-point calibration, complete
with documentation, in less than 3 minutes

Precise calibration in a few simple steps

PCS Step 1

Using the PCS Software, select a pipette or operator to begin calibration or competency assessment.


Pipette sample into the cuvette. Results for each dispense are displayed within the software.

Artel PCS Calibration Report

Digitally review, approve and sign-off on calibrations and operator assessments.

Ensuring Quality with the PCS

Learn how to get good pipette performance and become a better pipette operator

Whether you are ensuring accurate and precise liquid transfers by monitoring pipette performance or pipette operator performance, the PCS is a cost-effective way to support reproducibility and data quality. Verifying pipette performance before your critical ELISA or NGS assays and using the immediate feedback on liquid transfer accuracy and precision to improve pipetting technique are just a few ways the PCS can help. See the articles below to learn even more about getting good pipette performance and becoming a better pipette operator.

Calibration Frequency
How often should you calibrate your pipettes? These guidelines should help you decide.
Read Lab Report

Assay Transfer
Need some tips on how to convert a manual assay to an automated one? These tips should help.
Read Lab Report

Keep your wrists healthy with this guide to ergonomic pipetting technique.
Read Lab Report

Pipetting Technique
How you pipette can have a big impact on the accuracy and precision of your volume transfers.
Read Lab Report
PCS Instrument

Out-performs other calibration methods in consistency, speed, simplicity, accuracy and precision — even at volumes as low as 0.1 µL.

  • Calibration of single channel pipettes from 0.1 to 5,000 µL in less than three minutes
  • Automatic accuracy and precision calculations
  • Complete documentation and data management, including calibration audit trail, automatic printing of calibration labels even for pipettes calibrated outside of PCS Software
  • Compact, portable instrument requiring minimal bench space and no special facilities or environmental controls
  • Results traceable to national (NIST) and international (SI) standards
PCS Instrument.

The PCS conforms to the Dual-Dye Ratiometric Photometric Method described in ISO 8655-7:2022 and facilitates conformity to the Photometric Reference Measurement Procedure described in ISO 8655-8:2022. The PCS can be used to fulfill test and calibration requirements according to CLSI QMS23:2019, ISO 17025:2017, cGMP, and cGLP. ArtelWare and PCS Software can be used in laboratories compliant to 21 CFR Part 11.

PCS QualAssure Solutions

The PCS QualAssure solutions are prepared by Artel and conform to rigorous performance specifications. As shown in the table below, QualAssure solutions for PCS have been designed to target a specific volume range. The QualAssure solutions for PCS are available in six concentrations all the way down to volumes as low as 0.1μL. As the volume-of-interest decreases, the appropriate QualAssure solution contains an increased concentration of red dye, thereby maintaining constant signal strength to the detector in the PCS.

PCS Pipette Calibration System Reagents.
PCS Software

The PCS Software facilitates the highest standard of quality control with simplicity. The Software provides scheduling for pipette calibrations and interim performance verifications; complete documentation and pipette inventory management – and is ideal for standardizing pipetting technique and assessing operator competency.

  • Intuitive dashboard provides immediate overview of due calibrations and operator assessments
  • Digital review and approval workflow
  • Reporting, including audit trail and printing of calibration labels
Additional features include:
  • Dashboard with complete overview for managing and reviewing status and test results of pipettes and operators
  • Scheduling of pipette calibrations and interim performance verifications
  • Scheduling of operator competency assessments
  • Immediate display and automatic storage of volumetric results
  • Assigns pass/fail results based on tolerances set forth in your SOPs, ISO 8655, or manufacturer’s specifications
  • Catalog of most common pipette models and manufacturer’s specifications
  • Printing of pipette calibration and bar code labels
  • Manages pipette inventory and status tracking
  • Email notifications for calibrations, competency assessments, overdue tasks, and approval of test results
  • Digital review, approval and sign-off workflow
  • Customizable user level controls
  • Electronic signatures
  • Complete audit trail facilitates compliance with 21 CFR part 11

Download system specification sheet.

System Performance
Time Requirements 10 data points < 3 minutes
Uncertainty (Inaccuracy) 0.6%
Random Error (Imprecision) 0.3% CV
PCS Software
PCS QualAssure Kits QualAssure Standard Kit QualAssure Bulk Kit
Blank Vials 12 50
QualAssure Solutions One each, QualAssure 1, 2, 3, 4 Customizable*
Transfer pipettes 12 included sold separately
Aliquot containers 12 included sold separately
Data Points up to 40 data points per blank vial
Calibration Standard 1 vial – not consumed during use
Shelf Life Minimum of 9 months at 15 °C to 25 °C
Storage Store at room temperature 15 °C to 25 °C and with minimal exposure to ambient light.

*Based on the lab’s total number of pipettes, sample volume, data points, and calibration frequency, a customized kit will be configured to contain the appropriate number of sample solutions.


QualAssure 1 PCS-221 ≥ 200 μL – ≤ 5000 μL
QualAssure 2 PCS-222 ≥ 50 μL – ≤ 200 μL
QualAssure 3 PCS-223 ≥ 10 μL – ≤ 50 μL
QualAssure 4 PCS-224 ≥ 2 μL – ≤ 10 μL
QualAssure 5 PCS-225 ≥ 0.5 μL – ≤ 2 μL
QualAssure 6 PCS-226 ≥ 0.1 μL – ≤ 0.5 μL
On-site Installation, Validation, and Training

Artel technical experts make implementation fast, easy, and efficient, with minimal disruption to your routine.

  • Setup, installation, and validation for the PCS instrument
  • Hands-on instruction in the operation of the PCS instrument
  • Setup and hands-on training in the use of the PCS software


Product Installation and Validation

Have your new Artel instruments validated and ready-to-use quickly and efficiently. Certified Artel Application Specialists will set-up, install, and validate your instrument on-site, then train your staff to make best use of it.

  • Execution of pre-packaged IQ/OQ protocols to ensure validated instrument performance and operation
  • On-site, hands-on training for your laboratory at no additional cost



Installation Qualification (IQ)

Artel IQ protocols ensure proper setup, connection, and communication between all components of the system. Your Artel IQ specialist will perform and provide documentation of the IQ validation procedure, which details the correct installation of the system in your laboratory.


Operational Qualification (OQ)

Artel OQ protocols ensure that the instrument or application performs to its intended specifications in the environment where it will be used. Your Artel IQ specialist will perform and provide documentation of the OQ validation procedure, which details the performance of the instrument or application after a successful IQ protocol is completed.

Support & Ordering
Technical Services
Artel’s dedicated metrologists, scientists, engineers, and support specialists are here to answer your questions, troubleshoot problems, and help you ensure accurate, precise liquid delivery for reliable assay results.
Tel: 1-888-406-3463, opt 2 (8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. ET)
Email: [email protected]
Online: Submit online request
Please place orders by telephone, fax, email, or mail. Our customer service representatives are available Monday through Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Eastern Time.

PCS Part Numbers

Phone: 207-854-0860 | 888-406-3463 toll-free (U.S. and Canada)
Email: [email protected]
25 Bradley Drive
Westbrook, ME 04092
Fax*: 207-854-0867


*Please include a fax number or email address for confirmation of fax orders.


Orders from outside the U.S. and Canada, please see our Distributor List for contact information.
Warranty & Service Plans

Free your staff to focus on science and let us provide peace of mind, with Artel warranty and product support programs.

Instrument Warranty Programs

These programs include insurance and shipping within the U.S. and Canada of a loaner instrument.

Standard Warranty

Provides basic coverage against defects in materials or manufacture of the instrument.

Extended Warranty

Provides continued protection against unanticipated expenses associated with instrument repairs.

Gold Service Warranty

Provides extended warranty, instrument recertification and preventative maintenance.

Product Support Service Programs

Instrument Recertification

Provides documented factory recertification of the instrument suitable for Quality Assurance purposes.

On-Site Preventive Maintenance

Provides periodic checks of system components for wear and tear, replacement of worn or damaged parts and testing for accuracy and precision against factory specifications.

On-Site Installation, Validation, and Training

Provides installation, IQ/OQ documentation, and usage overview for instruments and software. Artel can also revalidate instruments that have been relocated or undergone maintenance or service.

PCS Software Maintenance Plan

Provides the customer with all PCS Software updates, as they become available, as long as the software license is continuously enrolled in the Maintenance Plan. Installation of software updates ensures that the PCS Software operates at peak performance, bug fixes are installed, and the pipette catalog is updated.

Tel: 1-888-406-3463, opt 2 (8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. ET)
Email: [email protected]

Ratings & Reviews

4.7 / 5.0 | 34 review from SelectScience.net

Very good customer service.


Reviewed on 09/08/2022

Nick provided very good customer service. He taught us the ins and outs of the new software quickly.

Alex Jung, UCSF

Business type: Medical Laboratory, Private

Review from: Select Science

Very good learning tool for effectiveness and prowess in the lab.


Reviewed on 05/11/2021

Having only learned to use the system recently and experience in the pharmaceutical business for a while, I can already see the great impact this will have on my ability to effectively train pipetting to my students. I am thinking of ways to incorporate this in my labs. Many practical learning experiences I think employers who hire our students will appreciate

Andrew Vinal, Wake Technical Community College

Business type: Academia / University

Review from: Select Science

...very simple to use to train biomanufacturing technicians.


Reviewed on 23/09/2021

The machine is very simple to use to train biomanufacturing technicians.

Stephen Rego, Wake Technical Community College

Business type: Academia / University

Review from: Select Science

...Fullfils our requirements on ISO compliant pipette calibration and testing.


Reviewed on 23/09/2021

The Artel PCS fullfils our requirements on ISO compliant pipette calibration and testing - results are reproducible and variance is lower than in manual process - personnel is easily trained on the device - process is faster than manual process but reagents are more expensive

Andreas Heider, Axolabs GmbH

Business type: Pharmaceuticals

Review from: Select Science

Very easy to use and train new users.


Reviewed on 22/09/2021

Very easy to use and train new users. Using with the Artel PCS software helps to organize and maintain current pipet calibrations. Very nice reports to show compliance to inspectors. The added ability to test pipetting competency through the software is a great feature.

Debra Swiderski, Henry Ford Health System

Business type: Hospital Laboratory

Review from: Select Science

The Artel pipette calibration system has completely streamlined our calibration program.


Reviewed on 22/09/2021

The Artel pipette calibration system has completely streamlined our calibration program. The amount of downtime due to uncalibrated pipettes and pipettes requiring external calibration has reduced. Non-conformance due to calibration has been eliminated. The reagents are safe to use and don't need any special storage or handling considerations. The database is easy to use, has a wide range of pipette types, and enables checking, verifying and storing calibration results in one location. The Artel team are great to deal with, and will quickly respond to any questions you have about your system.

Bryan Waters, MPI - Animal Health Laboratory

Business type: Government / Military

Review from: Select Science

Pandemic leave makes us appreciate Artel!


Reviewed on 14/12/2020

When our technician trained for performing calibrations was out on an extended pandemic leave, we were forced to do an emergency send out of validations to a commercial validation company. We quickly realized the benefits of having an Artel system in house. Their system allows for a much quicker and cost efficient means of validating pipettes!

Lisa Neyman, Parkview Regional Medical Center

Business type: Medical Center

Review from: Select Science

Great system, would recommend.


Reviewed on 16/04/2019

"The Artel PCS system is a great way for labs to verify pipettes. We verify on a quarterly basis in-house, and if verification fails then we send it out for repairs. Before this, our pipettes would be gone for 1-2 weeks for verification at a 3rd party company that provided the service. This way your pipettes will have much less down time. However, the time required and consumables cost must be considered before purchasing this item."

Tony Young, City of Arlington

Business type: Environmental laboratory

Review from: Select Science

I wish every vendor was so caring and helpful.


Reviewed on 12/12/2018

"Easy to use; easy to train others. Artel always sends updates promptly and they are VERY helpful in customer service."

Penny Yaste, Nevada State Public Health Laboratory

Business type: Environmental laboratory

Review from: Select Science

Great instrument for what we need for calibration in our laboratory.


Reviewed on 12/12/2018

"I have set up and trained fellow employees on how to use the PCS Pipette Calibration system over all of our laboratory departments and three hospitals. It is easy to use and understand how to use it in step by step instructions while calibrating and setting up pipettes for calibrations. I am able to transport the system with ease from each hospital. We did have some problems with the analyzer, but after trouble shooting with tech support, they had me send it back to the company to be checked out. Within days I had a loaner instrument, a box to send back my instrument, and instructions on set up. In 2 weeks, I had a report on what they did to my instrument, all was well, and I had the materials to switch the instruments out again. The staff has been very helpful in reordering reagents and in any questions that we have had. So far, we have enjoyed using this instrument with our laboratory needs."

Angela Schneider, Pipette Calibration

Business type: Calibrate pipettes across laboratory departments and three hospitals

Review from: Select Science

The PCS is a good tool but make sure you understand its capabilities and limits.


Reviewed on 12/12/2018

"The PCS is relatively user-friendly and provides a good methodology to perform in-house pipette calibrations. There's a bit of a learning curve to utilize the software effectively. I encountered a relatively serious bug in the scheduling portion of the software that was remedied by Artel in a software update. From a reagent standpoint, pipette calibrations under 200 uL can be performed economically, but multi-channel pipettes and pipettes with volume ranges greater than 200 uL (e.g. P1000s) are relatively expensive."

Dylan DePonte, MPLN, Inc.

Business type: Chemistry, hematology and transfusion medicine

Review from: Select Science



Reviewed on 14/12/2018

"Good system to use. Easy to use. Staff are now able to calibrate all pipettes for out 6 hospitals in a timely fashion."

Trent Pennell, Western Health

Business type: Calibrate pipettes across laboratory departments and three hospitals

Review from: Select Science

Great for pipette verification, but high cost over time.


Reviewed on 25/10/2018

"The Artel PCS is a great system for in-house pipette verification and calibrations. The cost of the system and software was very reasonable. But we did find out, since we use larger pipettes (some 1 mL. 5mL, and a 10mL), that the consumables will be a high cost. The supervisor who researched it failed to factor in consumable cost and ongoing costs. But we should have been informed. We were never told the cost of consumables. We were just told that they had a special and free consumables kits would be included."

Tony Young, City of Arlington

Business type: Environmental lab

Review from: Select Science

The Artel PCS has been easy to use.


Reviewed on 26/07/2018

"Technical Service has been very helpful and patient when I call. If they don't know the answer, they always get back to me sooner or later."

Connie Schwab, Boulder community health

Business type: Health Center

Review from: Select Science

Easy to install software and set up for users.


Reviewed on 25/07/2018

"I work with the pipette by installing the PCS software for the users."

Kim Honeycutt, Ballad Health, Pipette Calibration

Business type:

Review from: Select Science

Great Results! Can't live without this system.


Reviewed on 19/07/2018

"Very easy to use and very efficient. Great results every time."

Kris Anderson, Altru, Pipette Calibration

Business type:

Review from: Select Science


I liked working with the PCS because I trusted its accuracy at even very low volumes and because it was easy to use. It recorded data, calculated results and produced reports automatically.

Natalie Taylor
Lead quality control technician

PCS® Pipette Calibration System

Ensure accurate, precise volumes from every pipette and pipette operator with the PCS, an easy-to-use system for state-of-the-art pipette quality control.

Questions and Answers

Does the PCS comply with my laboratory requirements?
The PCS conforms to the Dual-Dye Ratiometric Photometric Method described in ISO 8655-7:2022 and facilitates conformity to the Photometric Reference Measurement Procedure described in ISO 8655-8:2022. The PCS can be used to fulfill test and calibration requirements according to CLSI QMS23:2019, ISO 17025:2017, cGMP, and cGLP. ArtelWare and PCS Software can be used in laboratories compliant to 21 CFR Part 11.
What are QualAssure solutions?
Artel has evolved our brand to better align with our values and the customers we serve, and to symbolize where we are today. But the Artel mission has remained the same – to help labs achieve their goals for quality, productivity, and compliance. One of the changes made during the transition was consolidating the array of verification solutions under the new QualAssure label. The QualAssure name describes the assurance of accurate, precise, and reproducible data that customers have come to expect from using Artel technology, products and services. The products themselves are the same proven formulations and volumes as users have come to depend on and customers do not need to change their ordering processes.
How does the PCS work?
The system includes a state-of-the-art high-sensitivity photometer designed by Artel for the purpose of pipette calibration and a comprehensive software package to manage an organization’s complete pipette inventory and operator assessment needs.
  • Set up the pipette in PCS Software
    • Choose a pipette make & model from the catalog of over 2000 pipettes, or create your own entry.
    • Specify the volumes at which the pipette needs to be checked. Specify the pass/fail tolerances – choose from pipette manufacturer’s specs, ISO 8655 tolerances, or set your custom tolerances.
    • Specify schedules for full pipette calibrations, interim verifications, and quick checks – depending on your lab’s requirements.
    • Optional email notifications and reviewers can be specified.
  • PCS Software will display the last dispensed volume as well as statistical data:
    • Last dispensed sample volume
    • Mean volume of all replicates
    • Inaccuracy from target volume
    • % CV (Precision)
  • A comprehensive calibration report will be automatically furnished upon conclusion of the calibration sequence.
  • An email will be sent to the reviewer who can approve or reject the calibration report electronically.
  • Operator Competency Assessments are performed in a similar way:
    • Set up the Operator in PCS Software
    • Create a Training Plan for the Operator
      • Last dispensed sample volume
      • Specify the volumes for the assessment
      • Specify pass/fail criteria for the assessment
      • Specify the schedule for
        • operator competency assessments
        • guided training sessions
    • The operator will be guided by the software through each step, similar to the ones performed for a pipette calibration (see above).
    • An Operator Training Certificate will be furnished upon completion of the assessment.
    • An email will be sent to the reviewer indicating the completion of the competency assessment and requesting approval of the results.
What are the advantages of using the PCS over competitors?
  • Calibrate pipettes under the exact conditions in which they are used, in the lab where they are used.
  • Perform operator competency assessments in the lab environment, in which pipette users work, with the actual pipettes used by the operators.
  • Powerful PCS Software manages the entire pipette inventory and operator assessments.
  • Audits become a breeze, as all pipette calibration and operator performance information is stored in one central, secure place.
  • Fast operation: a full pipette calibration with 3 x 10 data points takes only about 7 minutes to complete, including furnishing a calibration report.
  • User determines the schedule, test volumes, number of data points, and pass/fail tolerances – for pipette calibrations and operator assessments.
  • Lean, paperless workflow: user can set email alerts for due calibrations and skills assessments and review and approve/reject results electronically.
  • Excellent pipetting technique training tool.
  • PCS instrument is essentially maintenance free.
  • Ease of use: all calibration solutions are supplied ready-to-use, no need to prepare reagents or establish calibration curves.
  • Calibrate pipettes from 0.1 µL (100 nL) to 5,000 µL (5 mL).
  • System inaccuracy of 0.6%; system imprecision 0.3% CV.
  • Instrument works in a wide range of environmental conditions:
    • Temperature range: 15 oC to 30 oC
    • Relative humidity: 10% to 90%, non-condensing
  • Calibration method conforms to ISO 8655 part 7.
  • PCS measurement results are traceable to SI units through calibration standards maintained by NIST (USA) and NPL (UK).
  • The PCS can be used in 21 CFR Part 11 compliant facilities.
  • Makes regulatory compliance and audits easy.
    LESS -
Can the PCS be validated?
Yes, a comprehensive Validation Guide is available to perform full IQ/OQ validations of the PCS instrument and PCS Software.
Can the PCS be used to calibrate pipettor dispensers?
Some types can be calibrated. Need to evaluate individually.
Can you use the PCS reagents in your own spectrophotometer?
No, we use specialized reagents in a custom photometer design; PCS reagents, the PCS instrument, and PCS Software are created as a system to provide optimal ease-of-use, speed, accuracy and precision.
Can the PCS be used to calibrate multichannel pipettes?
Yes, by calibrating 1 channel at a time. PCS Software allows the user to choose whether to follow ISO 8655 requirements (all channels need to be calibrated), or whether to calibrate individual channels only.
Is the PCS approved by the FDA?
Because the PCS does not directly contact or measure human samples or specimens, the FDA will not consider it for approval. The PCS is manufactured under cGMP conditions side-by-side with other products which have FDA 510(k) approval.
Are PCS results traceable?
Yes, PCS measurement results are traceable to the International System of Units (SI) through calibration standards maintained by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST, USA) and the National Physical Laboratory (NPL, UK). All PCS calibration solutions are tested in Artel’s ISO 17025 accredited laboratory.
What ranges (pipette sizes/volumes) can be calibrated?
0.1 μL (100 nL) to 5,000 μL (5 mL)
Does the PCS require regular maintenance?
The PCS requires minimal maintenance, and is designed to avoid the need for most maintenance procedures. It requires only occasional cleaning of the outside of the cabinet or the bores of the vial block as detailed in the manual.
Can an ISO/IEC 17025 or ISO 15189 Accredited Laboratory use the Artel PCS for pipette calibration and to demonstrate operator proficiency?
Yes, an Accredited Laboratory can use the PCS for both, pipette calibration and to demonstrate operator proficiency, by doing the following:
  • Purchase an Artel PCS along with the ISO 17025 PCS Instrument Calibration Certificate (PCS-410).
  • Purchase the PCS Calibrator Kit that includes the ISO 17025 Calibration Certificate (PCS-605).
  • Contact Artel for a detailed PCS Measurement Uncertainty Budget.
  • Follow the ISO 17025 requirements to implement test and/or calibration procedures, and ensure operators are trained and qualified.
  • Comply with any additional requirements imposed by your particular accreditation body.
Note 1: We suggest contacting your Accreditation Body early in the process, so they may advise of all particular requirements.
Note 2: The PCS employs a standard method, and as such is exempt from the method validation requirements of ISO 17025:2005, section 5.4.5.
How can I trial a PCS?
You can evaluate the PCS in your lab by participating in our 2-week Trial program. Contact one of our sales representatives toll-free at 888-406-3463 for more information.
How can I learn more about the PCS?
Contact Artel toll-free at 888-406-3463 and speak with one of our sales representatives or request more information online.

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