Calibration and volume verification systems for handheld pipettes and automated liquid handlers

Portable, efficient, and traceable to NIST standards, Artel’s PCS and MVS instruments are an easy way to ensure data integrity for full confidence in your results.

MVS® Multichannel Verification System
Efficiently assess the accuracy and precision of liquid transfers dispensed into each well simultaneously by automated liquid handlers and multichannel handheld pipettes.
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PCS Pipette Calibration System
Streamline pipette calibration, volume verification, and user assessment and training with this easy-to-use and affordable system for handheld pipettes.
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PCS Software
Easily manage your pipette calibration program, train pipette users, and assess pipette user competency.
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MVS®Multichannel Verification System

Efficiency meets quality when you can assess the accuracy and precision of liquid transfers from each individual channel in your automated liquid handlers and multichannel pipettes. Simplify regulatory compliance, ensure quality, accelerate assay optimization, and more.

  • Assess volume transfer performance tip-by-tip and well-by-well for automated liquid handlers and operators of multichannel pipettes
  • Measure aqueous and non-aqueous volume transfers, such as DMSO
  • Use with all automated liquid handlers (1–384 dispensing tips) and handheld multichannel pipettes for volumes as low as 0.0001μL

MVS liquid handling instrument.

PCS Pipette Calibration System.

PCS Pipette Calibration System

The easy-to-use PCS Pipette Calibration System streamlines pipette calibration, volume verification, and user assessment and training. Quickly and affordably meet regulatory compliance and ensure liquid handling quality for your complete inventory of handheld pipettes.

  • Manage your pipette calibration program and assess operator competency.
  • Perform fast and easy pipette calibrations and interim performance verifications from 0.1 μL – 5000 μL.
  • Verify pipette performance immediately before critical procedures and assays
  • Standardize pipetting technique with scheduled and documented operator competency assessments

PCS Software

Used in combination with the Artel PCS, the PCS Software ensures that your pipettes and their operators are working together to generate accurate and reproducible results. Effortlessly manage your pipette inventory, schedule and document calibrations, and track interim performance verification.

  • Easily track the status of each pipette and pipette operator
  • Review, approve and sign-off on calibration reports electronically
  • Customize tolerances based on your lab’s requirements to provide pass/fail results.

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