Calibration and volume verification systems for handheld pipettes and automated liquid handlers

Portable, efficient, and traceable to NIST standards, Artel’s products are an easy way to ensure data integrity for full confidence in your results.

MVS® Multichannel Verification System
Efficiently assess the accuracy and precision of liquid transfers dispensed into each well simultaneously by automated liquid handlers and multichannel handheld pipettes.
PCS® Pipette Calibration System
Streamline pipette calibration, volume verification, and user assessment and training with this easy-to-use and affordable system for handheld pipettes.

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ArtelWare Software
Used in combination with the MVS® and PCS®, ArtelWare streamlines your lab processes by managing your automated liquid handlers, pipettes, and people all in one software.
QualAssure Solutions
QualAssure solutions can help improve efficiency in automating assays containing plasma or serum and you will waste less time analyzing inconsistent results.

Once we brought Artel into the lab, we realized we could push to small volumes. We typically work beyond the liquid handler’s specifications, and we can do this because we have Artel to verify their performance.

Robert Grbac
Senior Scientist at XenoTech

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