Pipetting Challenge

Are you a pipetting champion? See how you and your team members stack up against the country’s best pipetters in the Artel Pipetting Challenge. Test your precision and accuracy and learn more about proper technique, in a fun event that builds team spirit and recognizes the best lab teams from around the country.

How it works

You can conduct a Pipetting Challenge event in your own laboratory, or join us in the Artel booth at an upcoming conference. Using a 20 µL single-channel pipette and the PCS, or a multichannel pipette and the MVS, you’ll hone your pipetting skills, then take 5 consecutive data points to compete against your colleagues and laboratories around the country.


Based on the precision of your delivery, you can earn a gold, silver or bronze medal. Individuals with the lowest CVs win prizes and are featured on Facebook.


Download our Manual Pipetting Best Practices poster or view the video series to learn how you can improve your pipetting technique

Host a Pipetting Challenge Competition

Register by telephone to host a Pipetting Challenge competition in your lab or classroom. To conduct the Pipetting Challenge, you will need to supply your own 20 µL pipette and PCS. To register, or if you have questions, call 888-406-3463.

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