PCRMix™ QualAssure® Solution

Optimize the dispensing steps of your PCR, qPCR, RT-PCR and NGS assays without wasting expensive reagents.

The new PCRMix solutions have been formulated to mimic the liquid handling properties of a variety of commercially available master mixes.

Introducing the new PCRMix

Do you know what volume of master mix you are delivering?

The PCRMix QualAssure solutions provide a reliable way to optimize automated liquid handlers, ensuring they deliver the correct volume of PCR master mix. Delivering the expected volume of master mix can have implications for reducing false or inconsistent results.

Simple volume verification,
with results in less than 10 minutes

Dispense PCRMix

First, dispense three replicates test solution into the 96-well plate.​

Assess PCRMix

Assess the results and evaluate if changes to aspiration speed, dispense speed, and blowout volume need to be made to improve repeatability.​


Next, measure the exact volumes that are dispensed into each well using the MVS.​

Adjust PCRMix

In order to improve the accuracy, you can adjust the liquid handler’s correction curve to compensate for the offset and achieve optimal performance.​

Dispense: Starting with the default parameters on the automated liquid handler, dispense Artel SerumSub QualAssure solution and diluent into Artel Verification Plate.

Measure: After mixing on the plate shaker, read the plate on the MVS.

Assess: The system calculates volume accuracy and precision for each well and provides statistics.

Adjust: Based on results, adjust (as needed) parameters such as aspiration speed, dispense speed, delay blowout, speed blowout movement blowout, initial stroke, aspirate height, dispense height and volume offset.

My experience with the new QualAssure PCRMix is great. By using the MVS and PCRMix together, we were able develop and optimize our methodology to deliver the target volume of our mastermix solution to all wells consistently with passing results… The similarities of the new PCRMix solution and our mastermix solution made it possible to achieve accurate results within the production environment.​

Doug Brown
Clinical Reference Laboratory

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