liquid class

Optimize Your Automated Liquid Handler Assay Process in These Times of COVID

Virtual Seminar

Date: Thursday, June 25

Time: 11:00 -12:00 PDT, 2:00 – 3:00 EDT


During these challenging times, it is difficult to cut through the noise and find the information you need to help you speed up your assay development time. We would like to host an event specifically for you, the lab community in Seattle, and provide an opportunity to share ideas, to hear from some experts – with the goal of helping you to save time and ensure quality results.


  • Jason Graves, Senior Applications Scientist
  • Nicholas Enea, Senior Applications Scientist
  • Keith Albert, Senior Applications Scientist


  • Jim Bull, Senior Account Manager

The Team

Jason and Jim are back (virtually) visiting Seattle, their stamping grounds for several years while working in automated assay development. They are virtually bringing their cohorts Keith (from Portland, ME), and Nick (from the Bay Area) – and together they are getting their old friends and some new ones together. It would be great if you could join this Discussion Session.


Jason and Jim are personally inviting you to join them in this event – which is specifically for labs in the Seattle biotech community that are developing or running workflows for diagnostics, therapeutics or vaccines, or are manufacturing assay kits. They are going to be talking in detail about optimizing assay processes. And while they specifically want to share their knowledge on Liquid Class Optimization and Liquid Handler Evaluation, they are also eager to discuss any topics related to automated assays – so please bring those topics to the table as well.


There are many factors that contribute to optimizing your automated lab workflows. Understanding the needed results, developing a workflow, evaluating options, executing your plan and quickly tuning it in – is what we all aspire to. What is the most efficient way to get the data you need and then make the critical decisions as right as possible, early on in your process? Our discussion will be broad-based, and will help you explore and define the routes most appropriate for your situation. While we will review some of the pros and cons of Artel technology for process optimization, our mission is to help the group gather and assess a broad base of ideas.

Join us on Thursday, June 25 for this Virtual Seminar on how to get the most out of your automated workflow.