Webinar: Proper Reagent Mixing in Automated Assays Should be Verified, Not Assumed

WESTBROOK, ME (May 21, 2021) – Mixing steps within an automated assay protocol are often taken for granted. When an assay is performed manually the scientist can evaluate and change mixing techniques ‘on the fly’ as needed, but automated protocols are unable to adjust to these situations. Aqueous reagents are amenable to simple diffusion or cursory agitation, but when liquids with different fluid properties are involved these methods are usually insufficient to ensure adequate integration.

This webinar discusses how to optimize mixing steps in an assay prior to incorporating the biological components.  Measuring the efficacy of the mixing process during assay development or when transferring to automation saves time and prevents headaches.

Some topics to be covered are:

  • Why mixing is so critical to success in developing an automated assay.
  • The different mixing modes available to scientists.
  • How to employ the Artel MVS to measure the effectiveness of automated assay mixing protocols.

The webinar will take place on May 26, 2021, from 2:00-3:00pm EST. Dr. Nathaniel Hentz of Artel will be conducting the presentation.

Dr. Nathaniel Hentz is currently Director, Scientific Market Development at Artel, where his principal focus is development of methods to help customers achieve optimized efficiency and quality in their assay workflows.  Prior to that, Dr. Hentz served as Assistant Director of the BTEC Analytical Lab at North Carolina State University.  In that role, he taught both undergraduate and graduate level courses as well as industry short courses focused on biopharmaceutical assay development and validation.  Dr. Hentz’s tenure in the HTS industry includes a key role in supporting automated screening systems within the Lead Discovery group at Bristol-Myers Squibb and responsibilities for developing screens at Eli Lilly.

You can register for the webinar on Artel’s website. Dr. Hentz can be reached at [email protected]