Webinar: Practical Liquid Handler Volume Verification

How to Prevent Performance Drift from Affecting Your Workflows

WESTBROOK, ME (August 12, 2022) – Artel offers another on-demand video in its webinar series, titled “Practical Considerations for a Volume Verification Process of Automated Liquid Handlers.”

Practical Considerations for a Volume Verification Process for Automated Liquid HandlersAutomated liquid handlers are highly intricate instruments that often see heavy use. It can be difficult to detect when (and by how much) a robot’s operation drifts away from its calibrated performance standard over time. Periodic volume verification can easily be used to monitor this troublesome tendency. Less stringent a procedure than calibration, volume verification is a valuable practice that can alert operators to deviations in liquid handler performance before workflow results are irrevocably compromised.

The webinar presents details to take into consideration when setting up an appropriate performance verification program, which should address risk factors in both liquid handling instrumentation and processes. The webinar also addresses the need to standardize on a verification method so that meaningful comparison of instrument performance relevant to the lab’s requirements can be made. Examples of actual performance verification programs are used to illustrate how such plans can be easily tailored to fit a lab’s specific needs.

Presenter John Derent is a Global Account Manager at Artel and formerly a Senior Scientist at Janssen (J&J). For 20 years his primary focus was automating manual processes and developing sample preparation and assay methods utilizing a variety of liquid handlers and automated platforms. His experience gives him firsthand knowledge of robot behaviors and how to tailor verification performance plans to fit the needs of the lab.

Dr. Keith Albert is a Senior Applications Scientist at Artel and has key roles in automated liquid delivery system performance characterization, customer education, and validation services. He has spent over 15 years managing and working on various Artel service teams and brings extensive experience in developing volume verification plans for our customers

Dana Campbell is also a Senior Applications Scientist at Artel and is responsible for successful delivery of a wide variety of field support and training initiatives. He uses his extensive background in molecular biology, assay development, pipetting and automated liquid handling to help laboratories build upon their quality focus, thereby enabling customers to maximize the productivity gains that well set up and managed liquid handling instrumentation can bring.

You can view the webinar here.