User Group Addressed Liquid Delivery Device and Process Management

Proactive Management Increases Productivity

WESTBROOK, ME (October 20, 2022) – Speakers from ARUP Laboratories and the New York Genome Center headlined a virtual user group meeting sponsored by Artel. The event generated a lively discussion and a wide range of questions from the many scientists attending.

Zach Wilkey, Laboratory Manager at ARUP Laboratories offered his experience on how implementing standardization and centralizing management of over 3,000 pipettes from more than 60 labs using the Artel PCS and MVS greatly increased efficiency and productivity since his team took on the task.

Bryan Pasqualucci, Application Scientist at the New York Genome Center presented two case examples detailing how routine performance verification and liquid class optimization prior to running critical workflows reduced instrument downtime and resulted in increased assay efficiency.

The meeting also introduced two new Artel products:  ArtelWare™ is a software platform that allows laboratories to manage the inventory and performance of automated liquid handlers, single and multichannel pipettes, and operator performance and assessment from a single interface. New QualAssure™ solutions for MVS® have also been released, including PCRMix™, SerumSub™, and PlasProxy™, enabling users to optimize their automated liquid handlers with the ideal liquid for their specific applications without consuming expensive reagents or scarce sample materials.

Registered attendees who wanted additional information on centralized calibration were referred to a white paper on using dual-dye ratiometric photometry (which has been recognized as a reference method by the recently updated ISO 8655 standard), and a case study detailing how Sorenson Genomics brought their pipette calibration in-house. Those interested in performance verification and liquid class optimization of automated liquid handlers were offered references on process optimization for assays and method optimization.