Tuning in Your Liquid Handler with PCRMix

Quick Demonstration Video

WESTBROOK, ME (March 24, 2021) – Accurate results from qPCR assays depend upon the delivery of precise volumes of master mix.  Coronavirus testing is an example of an assay depending on this reagent. When running automated PCR assays, laboratories have not had an efficient means of tuning in their liquid handlers to ensure correct test volumes.  Correct dispensing also requires that the automated liquid handlers involved in the assay perform optimally and using master mix to fine tune the process beforehand can be an expensive proposition. Therefore, it is important to optimize automated liquid handlers using a solution that has been formulated to mimic the properties of master mix.

In this video, Dr. Kaziya Lee demonstrates why it is important to test and adjust your automated liquid handler with a solution that properly simulates your master mix transfer step to ensure accurate pipetting and reliable results.

The new PCRMix QualAssure solution has been formulated and manufactured in a stringent quality lab to ensure it mimics the delivery characteristics of commercially available master mix solutions.  This can save scientists both time and money by minimizing the unnecessary use of expensive reagents and the variability caused by less than optimal equipment settings.

To learn how, watch this new short video.