Supporting Excellence Through SLAS

Artel Receives Summa Socius Recognition

WESTBROOK, ME (February 16, 2022) – Laboratory automation is a rapidly evolving paradigm. Keeping on top of it to maximize productivity and quality is a challenge.  One invaluable resource for everyone involved in this field is the Society for Laboratory Automation and Screening.

SLAS moved forward with a live event in Boston, February 5-9, so that lab professionals could take part in all the opportunities they had to offer. From in-person professional collaboration, education, scholarships, publishing, networking, as well as the pursuit of advancing development and excellence in the laboratory. Artel is proud to have supported the efforts of this wonderful organization, not only for this year’s event, but for the many years SLAS has been in existence.

In light of this longstanding and mutually beneficial partnership, Artel was pleased to be a 2022 recipient of SLAS’ Summa Socius award. Dr. Nathaniel Hentz, Vice President, commented, “We’re honored to assist SLAS in their efforts to promote quality and productivity through laboratory automation and look forward to continuing to do so for years to come.”

Artel’s purpose is to partner with life science laboratories helping them to deliver solutions for life’s major health challenges and being at SLAS allows us to engage with our customers and key partners.   During the Conference, Artel partnered with SLAS as well as some of the leading manufacturers by offering “ The Liquid Handling Essentials” short course, which has been a perennial SLAS favorite.  Artel also participated in two Exhibitor Tutorials which were filled to capacity.  Getting in front of customers and discussing their needs is extremely important to us as a company, and SLAS is the best format for both vendors and scientists.