SLAS New Matter Podcast: Finding Generational Common Ground

WESTBROOK, ME (May 13, 2021) – The latest SLAS podcast, “New Matter: Inside the Minds of SLAS Scientists – Leading Across Difference” is now available. The hosts speak with Raven Solomon, a global Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion thought leader about assisting organizations to develop communication strategies that promote understanding of generational and racial equity issues. She introduces the concept of “Led Languages” to illustrate how meaningful connections can be made between coworkers with varying experience levels and how that can be used as a bridge for more productive interaction.

Marshall Brennan, SLAS Scientific Director, explains how the SLAS team was interested in addressing unconscious bias in interpersonal communications, which led them to Raven and her Center for Next Generation Leadership and Professional Development. Her enthusiasm, energy, and expertise impressed the team so much that they wanted to bring her in again to talk to the broader New Matter podcast audience.

Raven describes her work as “Helping organizations and people be more inclusive. I help them get future ready through understanding generational diversity and inclusion, racial equity, and their intersection. I get to help make spaces more equitable and more inclusive for everyone, and I really, truly, cannot think of a more fulfilling thing to do with my life and my work. We help organizations develop future generations as it relates to leadership development and professional development, providing soft skills training to millennials and Gen Z.”

About SLAS:
The Society for Lab Automation and Screening is an international professional society of academic, industry, and government life sciences researchers coupled with the developers and providers of laboratory automation technology. SLAS advances scientific innovation by providing education, collaboration, and professional development that unites scientists across disciplines and transforms research. Their podcast series, “New Matter: Inside the Minds of SLAS Scientists” presents timely discussions of issues relevant to today’s life sciences laboratories.