Scientists’ LinkedIn Group Identifies Lab Automation Pain Points

Boston Lab Automators

Boston Lab Automators Meeting Draws Huge Crowd

WESTBROOK, Maine (August 05, 2022) – The LinkedIn group “Boston Lab Automators” held a meeting at the Liberty Hotel in Boston, MA on August 3rd. Turnout for the event was enormous, and the scientists in attendance quickly discovered that they had a number of pain points in common with each other.

Automation and high throughput screening are relatively new in many labs. They bring all the attendant ‘growing pains’ associated with implementing new methodologies and bringing them up to speed to the point where they can contribute positively to lab productivity. Managing automation workflows is a discipline in itself, with a steep learning curve and an entirely different skill set than what is expected of a lab scientist. The members of the group also found scaling assays from 96 to 384 well plates (to take advantage of high throughput capabilities) and optimizing the liquid classes involved in the workflows to be common challenges.

The group is determined to come up with solutions to these issues through their collaborative efforts, and plans to launch a Discord channel in the near future so that engineers and scientists everywhere can contribute their expertise. The next meeting will take place in September; details will be published on the LinkedIn page as soon as they become available.

All are welcome to join the group on LinkedIn, and anyone who is interested in sponsoring it may message the group owner Samuel Mohler on the site directly.