Save Precious Serum Samples

Accurate Sera Measurement Without Waste

WESTBROOK, Maine (March 9, 2022) – Serum samples are often precious, limited in amount, and difficult if not impossible to acquire more of. Worse, sera are tricky to dispense accurately. Default liquid class settings are often inadequate to the task of generating quality data from this material, which dispenses differently than ideal aqueous solutions or commonly accepted alternatives such as 20% glycerol.

Testing serum is extremely important for patients and their care givers.  It doesn’t matter if a patient is recovering or experiencing some type of infectious disease that requires a biopharmaceutical treatment, ensuring serum tests are accurate is critical in diagnosing and treatment.

Artel is responding to this need with SerumSub QualAssure, a solution with the rheological properties of sera to be used in optimizing liquid class settings for liquid handlers without having to use gravimetry or precious sample material for that purpose. SerumSub allows scientists to optimize their instrumentation with the Multichannel Verification system (MVS®) quickly and efficiently, greatly improving the quality of data produced by assays involving sera. One scientist enthused, “The SerumSub QualAssure solution is awesome, it allows us to see quickly see how the dispensing data is comparable in each well of a 96 well plate. Compared to using gravimetry, the MVS and SerumSub saves time, because we can dispense and get the results for 96 wells simultaneously. We plan on using SerumSub to optimize a serum liquid class and then verify our automated liquid handler performance routinely.”

For more information see the Artel website or send an email to [email protected].