Reduce Plasma Sample Loss and Wasted Time

Announcing PlasProxy plasma mimic for critical liquid handling processes

WESTBROOK, ME (September 12, 2022) – Plasma is difficult to work with when performing clinical assays, whether using manual or automated processes. It is often available only in limited quantities, so expending it simply to dial in liquid class settings in automated liquid handlers is undesirable. Physicians and scientists rely on accurate data and conclusive results to make critical decisions related to patient health, but because of the unique rheological properties of plasma, such as viscosity and density, it is difficult to achieve the results needed. With the new Artel PlasProxy QualAssure sample loss can be minimized and workflow productivity improved.

PlasProxy QualAssure is a plasma-like reference solution with liquid handling properties that are analogous to several commonly used plasmas. Using the new PlasProxy with the MVS will deliver measurable efficiency improvements in automating assays containing plasma, as it can be used to assist in liquid class optimization, volume verification, and calibration of automated liquid handlers.

Dr. Melinda Gold of Artel states, “We are pleased to introduce PlasProxy which is a much-needed practical method for improving the workflows of assays that involve dispensing plasma. We have worked closely with our customers to develop this solution so their laboratories can achieve higher productivity from their workflows, while improving data accuracy and quality and lowering costs.” The product will be commercially available for order in October 2022.

For more information see the Artel website or send an email to [email protected]