Pipette Management Programs Improve Workflow Quality

Quality Management Certification Course

WESTBROOK, ME (March 22, 2022) – Pipetting is a ubiquitous component of daily laboratory operations and the instruments themselves require maintenance and management as much as any other type of lab equipment if consistent data quality is to be achieved.

To assist those who are responsible for the Pipette Management program at their facility, or for those who are looking to implement a program, Artel is offering its popular two-day seminar May 19-20, September 13-14 and October 20-21 this year. The May and October trainings will be held in Maine near Artel headquarters and the September one will be held at Le Meridien in Cambridge, MA. The information provided in this renowned course arms attendees with the foundational resources to implement a comprehensive, in-house pipette quality assurance program.

Topics covered during the Quality Management Certification seminar include regulatory compliance, laboratory best practices, pipette calibration methodologies, ergonomics, pipette repair and maintenance, as well as single and multichannel pipette technique certification.  There will also be a special section focused on pipetting non-ideal liquids.  Supporting documentation and guidance, combined with peer discussion groups, will provide the ideal setting for networking, and for sharing protocols and insights.

This course has attracted participants from leading life science firms in the United States, but also globally with attendees from Germany, France, Japan, UK and Australia.  Attendees without exception consider it a valuable learning experience:

One lab manager commented, “This training class provided the blueprint to establish an effective pipette management program. I recommend it to anyone who is responsible for the management of pipettes in their laboratory.”

“Excellent guide for anyone setting up in-house pipette calibration or looking to improve methodologies.”

A quality systems manager from a leading firm said, “This class was a very worthwhile investment. Training provided enables participants to make immediate impacts on their organization.”

For more information on the course or to register, you can visit Artel’s website.