PepTalk 2020: How To Improve Data Quality?

Westbrook, Maine (January 14, 2020) – Does your laboratory already have the tools that you need to improve the quality of data gleaned from assays and other processes? One way to achieve this is to optimize assays and processes during method development prior to transferring them to automation. Doing so provides better quality data for use in your predictive modeling from the very start. Another way is to optimize the actual liquid handlers. When this equipment is used for high throughput processes involving transfers, especially when using non-ideal solutions, doing so can greatly improve the quality of your results.

The Artel Applications Team will be available to discuss issues like these as well as your own unique laboratory challenges at the 19th Annual PepTalk on January 20-24 in San Diego, CA. Our poster session “Understanding Sources of Assay Variability: The Key to Successful Assay Optimization” will give you additional insights that will help you achieve the high standards for data quality that you require.