Northeast LinkedIn Group Pools Lab Automation Expertise

Northeast LinkedIn Group

Boston Lab Automators Aims to Share Knowledge

“Make the Robots Work” is the motto of the professional group “Boston Lab Automators.” Sam Mohler, the group’s organizer, knew that a great number of automation professionals were in the Boston, MA area and that there were significant benefits and efficiencies to be gained if they could just get together and share their experiences. So, he set up a LinkedIn group to gauge interest and it quickly accumulated members. The next meeting is being held on August 3rd at 6:00pm at the Liberty Hotel in Boston, MA.

Northeast LinkedIn GroupSam says of the effort, “Boston Lab Automators wants to create a network of automators turning a previously tribal knowledge driven industry into one where knowledge is shared as much as it is in computer science. Our next goal is to launch a Discord channel where engineers and scientists can share tips and tricks on lab instrumentation. We envision a digital community on top of our physical community cultivated from our events. We’re looking for volunteers for this page now so reach out if you’re interested.”

In the groups’ still short life, numerous connections have been made and many automation challenges have been met through their creative and highly productive collaborative efforts. All are welcome to join the group on LinkedIn, and anyone who is interested in sponsoring it may message Sam on the site directly.