Minimize Serum Sample Waste

Sera Mimic Now Available

WESTBROOK, Maine (May 19, 2022) – Ensuring the accuracy of serum tests is critical in diagnosing and treating diseases and in maximizing workflow productivity.  Sera dispense differently than aqueous solutions or even the 20% glycerol commonly used to mimic them, and the default class settings in liquid handlers are often not sufficiently accurate to provide quality data.  This is particularly problematic when the sample material is limited in amount or difficult to acquire.


Artel is responding to this need with the release of SerumSub QualAssure, a solution with the rheological properties of sera that is designed to be used in optimizing class settings for liquid handlers without having to expend precious sample material for that purpose.  SerumSub allows scientists to optimize their instrumentation with the Artel MVS (Multichannel Verification system) quickly and efficiently, greatly improving the quality of data produced by assays involving sera.

One scientist among the first to adopt this product commented, “The SerumSub QualAssure solution is awesome, it allows us to quickly see the dispensing data in each well of a 96 well plate. Compared to using gravimetry, the MVS and SerumSub save time because we can dispense and get the results for 96 wells simultaneously. We plan on using SerumSub to optimize a serum liquid class and then verify our automated liquid handler performance routinely.”

For more information see the Artel website or send an email to [email protected]