Maine BioScience Day at Local Schools

Students Interacting with Scientists

WESTBROOK, ME (December 1, 2022) – The Bioscience Association of Maine is a network of life science companies, professionals, and researchers dedicated to advancing economic growth and opportunities in the life sciences community. They place a strong emphasis on education and outreach, and one of their signature events, Maine Bioscience Day, took place on November 17th, 2022, with the aim of getting middle school students excited about potential opportunities in the science fields.

Artel scientists Nicole Nguyen, Ceara Sargent, Mariah Ross, Jordyn Lawrence, and training specialist Ryan Murphy conducted the popular Pipetting Challenge, giving every middle schooler a chance to work with laboratory instrumentation and learn how to operate a pipette.

John Bradshaw was at Gorham High School for the ScienceX event, offering a hands-on experiment showing how paper chromatography can separate out the different components in food dyes, as well as a presentation on “how science led me to what I do today”. 

The statewide event was a huge success and brought students’ attention to the numerous career opportunities available within Maine’s life sciences industry. We have high hopes for the enthusiastic students, who will take bioscience to its next level in the future.