LRIG Events Draw Huge Crowds

LRIG Events Last Week

Laboratory Research & Innovation Professionals Gather After Hiatus

WESTBROOK, ME (November 2, 2022) – The San Diego and New England chapters of the Laboratory Research and Innovation Group (LRIG) both showed enthusiastic levels of participation in their annual meetings this past week. 

LRIG Events Last Week

The San Diego chapter set an attendance record as laboratory professionals took full advantage of the opportunity to resume in-person events and interact with colleagues.  Automation was a recurring theme addressed by presenters from Eli Lilly, Biosero, Thermo Fisher, Cytiva, and other industry-leading vendors. Artel offered scientists visiting the booth the chance to test their pipetting skills in a fun and engaging competition that rewards pipetting precision – a key challenge as we all strive for repeatability with our assays.

The New England chapter’s meeting was also well attended – by both laboratorians and vendors – after three years of virtual events. BMS, Regeneron, Avidien, EMD, Merck and other well-known companies sent representatives, and attendees from the numerous Boston area life science firms crowded the floor.  Many scientists were interested in the 4-step Liquid Class Optimization presentation by Michael Grimaldi, Artel, and the new QualAssure solutions – both SerumSub™ and PlasProxy– generated significant dialogue.   When used with the Artel MVS® these solutions allow customization of liquid class settings to provide greater accuracy and precision in assay results without expending precious sera and plasma samples, an oft-mentioned issue.  QualAssure PCRMix™ solution also drew a great deal of interest, as it substitutes for costly PCR master mixes when tuning in liquid class settings on automated liquid handlers. 

Anyone who is interested in joining LRIG and finding out more about this organization that focuses on connecting science with scientists can locate the nearest chapter on their website.