“Liquid Handling Essentials” SLAS Interactive Short Course adds more hands-on content

WESTBROOK, ME (December 03, 2018) Artel is partnering with the Society for Laboratory Automation and Screening (SLAS) for the fifth consecutive year to deliver a conference short course at the SLAS2019 International Conference and Exposition in Washington D.C.  “Liquid Handling Essentials’’ brings a hands-on approach to providing participants with the skills needed to achieve early success in managing the performance of their liquid handlers and the outcomes of their assays.

Designed for new and beginning users of automation, the course includes in-depth instruction on key topics, issues and techniques for the laboratory scientist.  A past student remarked, “Excellent course.  The knowledge and insight the presenters shared, along with the liquid handler hands-on approach at the Short Course was so valuable.  Early in the course we learned how changing pipetting parameters greatly affects results and it was beneficial to have the presenters there to provide guidance on how to optimize for the best performance.  I would encourage anybody using liquid handlers to attend.”

This year’s offering emphasizes even more hands-on interaction at more stations, utilizing instrumentation provided by Agilent, Beckman Coulter, and Tecan.  Several case studies will be used to illustrate principles essential to achieving reliable assay results while optimizing lab productivity and maintaining appropriate compliance.  Emily Legere of Artel notes, “The course covers configuring liquid classes, running assays, troubleshooting, and writing a liquid handler method, among other topics.  Attendees will learn how to better fit their liquid handlers to their laboratory’s process needs – an important aspect of such a large investment in equipment.”

Instructors for the course bring a breadth of experience to bear:  Among them are Lisa Knapp, who manages the field applications scientists for Agilent’s Genomics Automation program; Nathaniel Hentz, who spent years in assay development at Lilly and BMS before his teaching career leading the biomanufacturing analytical lab program at North Carolina State University; Emily Legere, who supports and trains Artel customers in their performance optimization of automated liquid handlers.

Participants can register online at: https://www.slas.org/events-calendar/slas2021/