Liquid Handler Success at Midwest LRIG

Accounting for reagent viscosity improves productivity

WESTBROOK, Maine (April 13, 2022) – The Laboratory Research and Innovation Group (LRIG) is a rapidly growing special interest group focused on laboratory automation, having over 10,000 scientists and engineers in chapters all over the United States. The Midwest chapter is holding its annual Spring Conference and Technology Exhibition on Thursday April 21, 2022, in the St. Louis, MO area. LRIG’s focus is ‘Advancing Science to Benefit Humanity’. Artel is proud to support an organization that is oriented on productivity and quality in liquid handling operations.

One of the keys to producing quality data from laboratory robotics is taking the rheological characteristics of the solutions being analyzed into consideration. Aqueous reagents have very different pipetting characteristics than sera or PCR master mixes and the default class settings in liquid handlers are often inadequate to the task. Dana Campbell, senior applications scientist at Artel, will be giving a RapidFire presentation on the characteristics of these commonly used reagents, using the company’s SerumSub and PCRMix in comparison to commercial and home-made preparations to demonstrate the various solutions’ effects on data quality. The company will also be demonstrating how its new liquid delivery management software product, ArtelWare, facilitates workflow management.

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