Liquid Handler Optimization Webinar at Virtual Lab Auto 2020

WESTBROOK, ME (July 6, 2020) – LabAutomation Week 2020 (June 29 – July 2) featured a wide array of online webinars on such topics as innovation, process optimization, and data. Among the offerings was “Getting the Best out of Your Automated Liquid Handler”, presented by Nathanial Hentz on behalf of Artel distributor, Analis Scientific Instruments.

LabAutomation Week 2020

LabAutomation Week provided a week full of virtual lectures that inspired attendees and gave them the tools to get started with laboratory automation. The week consisted of various webinars on topics such as innovations, and process optimization

The webinar that Dr. Hentz conducted covered the importance of ensuring accurate and reproducible results across multiple locations and automated platforms, understanding the advantages and limitations of liquid handlers, and how materials being dispensed interact with those devices.

Attendees learned how process optimization improves assay performance by breaking down the assay workflow– improving end-to-end assay performance.  The webinar presented how default ALH liquid classes are often not sufficiently accurate for the solutions being dispensed and how they can be optimized utilizing the Artel Multichannel Verification System (MVS) to minimize sources of variability in an assay. An example ELISA workflow was highlighted to show typical points where liquid volume delivery inaccuracy could affect the workflow and how Artel MVS can be used to improve the assay variability.