Latest “Scientist to Scientist” Podcast – New and Revised ISO Standards

ISO Podcast

Practical Impacts of 2022 Standards on Liquid Handling Operations

WESTBROOK, ME (September 20, 2022) – Karlton Moore recently hosted another podcast in Artel’s “Scientist to Scientist” series, this one on the topic of ISO Standards for liquid handling instrumentation. A new series of standards for automated liquid handlers (ISO 23783), based on ISO IWA 15 was just published last month, and the series of standards for manually operated liquid handling instruments (ISO 8655) has been updated and expanded.

These new and revised standards provide laboratories an opportunity to harmonize best practices across the board and ensure data integrity. These two standards in concert provide laboratories with the ability to utilize the “same yardstick” throughout all their liquid handling processes. Assays on the bench with a handheld pipette or those employing multi-channel automation, processes in different labs and in different locations can all be assured of repeatability.

Karlton and his guest, Dr. George Rodrigues, who is the current chair of the US Technical Advisory Group to the ISO Technical Committee on Laboratory Equipment, discussed the impact of the new and revised standards on laboratories. Many changes and additions have been made; a couple of particular note are:

ISO 23783 is the first-ever, and long-awaited ISO standard addressing automated liquid handlers. It provides much-needed guidance for the rapidly expanding use of automation in laboratories and includes multiple methods and procedures for determining the liquid handling performance of these instruments.

The revised version of ISO 8655 provides a clear distinction between “calibration” and “routine tests”. As well, the tolerance limits for pipette performance have been updated; labs will want to check the tables for the new information.

There is much more detail available in the podcast which you can listen to here. Artel also offers an on demand webinar on this topic titled “New and Revised ISO Standards for Manual and Automated Liquid Handling Instruments”.

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