Introducing QualAssure™ Solutions from Artel

WESTBROOK, ME (January 8, 2021) – Over this past year, Artel has made changes to our brand to better align with our values and the customers we serve, and to symbolize where we are today.  But the Artel mission has remained the same and is stronger than ever – to help labs achieve their goals for quality, productivity, and compliance.  One of the changes made during the transition was consolidating our array of verification solutions under the new QualAssure label. The Aqueous and DMSO QualAssure solutions are long familiar to customers and are being joined by the new PCRMix™ solution.

The QualAssure name describes the assurance of accurate, precise, and reproducible data that customers have come to expect from using Artel technology, products and services. Scientists enjoy the reliability of results provided by solutions traceable to NIST standards, as well as their ease of use.

The products themselves are the same proven formulations and volumes as users have come to depend on and customers do not need to change their ordering processes.

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