Interview with incoming SLAS Scientific Director

Good Role Models: Marshall Brennan joins SLAS

WESTBROOK, ME (February 10, 2021) – Artel laboratory applications specialist Karlton Moore recently interviewed incoming SLAS Scientific Director Marshall Brennan for SLAS’ New Matter podcast series. Here’s a sample of the topics discussed in this episode:

Karlton Moore: “So how did you start off in the science field?”

Marshall Brennan: “I started out as a lab scientist with a BS in Chemistry, worked in the pharmaceutical industry, went to graduate school and did physical organometallic chemistry, then went to postdoc and did more applied catalysis work. Then, what more people will probably recognize me for, I went into publishing and scientific products, starting out as an associate editor for Nature Chemistry.”

Karlton: “What have your most exciting achievements in the lab been?”

Marshall: “Just out of postdoc, I figured out a chemspeed robot while my mentor was overseas and was able to show her the output from hundreds of runs when she returned. Also, the first time one of my students was able to successfully grow a crystal.”

Karlton: “What would you like to emphasize as SLAS Scientific Director?”

Marshall: “Education and expanding the journals to communicate knowledge to a much larger audience.”

The entirety of this interesting and insightful podcast is available on the SLAS and Artel websites.