Improve Workflow Quality by Enhancing Pipette Management

Quality Management Certification Course

WESTBROOK, ME (September 24, 2021) – Pipetting variability is the nemesis of quality data. Poor or non-reproducible data can lead to unwanted delays, costs, inefficiency, and sometimes issues with compliance or productivity bottlenecks. Minimizing these variances can yield a huge payoff in terms of time and money, and greatly improve overall data quality, reliability, and lab performance.

Artel is offering its popular two-day seminar on October 28 – 29, 2021 that is ideal for those who are responsible for  the Pipette Management program at their facility. Individuals focusing on regulatory compliance and the data integrity of the lab’s test results will find this seminar highly beneficial.

Attendees from previous seminars were enthusiastic about the course:

“Excellent guide for anyone setting up in-house pipette calibration or looking to improve methodologies.”

“This training class provided the blueprint to establish an effective pipette management program. I recommend it to anyone who is responsible for the management of pipettes in their laboratory.”

“I really enjoyed this seminar.  There were many factors concerning proper pipetting techniques and maintenance that I did not know before.  Presentation was excellent and a lot of fun.”

Topics covered during the seminar include regulatory compliance, laboratory best practices, pipette calibration methodologies, pipetting viscous solutions (new this year), ergonomics, regulatory compliance, pipette repair and maintenance, as well as single and multichannel pipette technique certification.  Supporting documentation and guidance needed to set up a systemized internal quality assurance program are also provided. The content that is provided in this seminar will position attendees to provide subject-matter expert pipetting technique coaching to their colleagues.