How to Optimize Liquid Transfers for Genomic Workflows

WESTBROOK, ME (August 10, 2021) – Scientists know that transferring precise volumes of master mix in genomic workflows is critically important, as over- or under-delivery can cause erroneous results in the data generated. Being aware that optimizing their automated liquid handlers could significantly improve the quality of their results and minimize costly rework, one laboratory recently invited Artel to participate in a vendor show to speak on the subject. 

Dr. Melinda Gold, product manager, gave a presentation on optimizing master mix PCR liquid transfers for genomic workflows. She reviewed a typical workflow and showed the data on how under-delivery of master mix can cause false negatives to occur. She then presented Artel’s solution to the challenge of utilizing expensive commercial master mixes for optimization purposes, QualAssure PCRMix. 

Michael Grimaldi, applications scientist, offered a poster detailing the extensive process utilized by Artel in ensuring that QualAssure PCRMix accurately mimics the pipetting properties of commercially available master mixes. Utilizing PCRMix allows labs to optimize their liquid handlers more efficiently and at a significantly reduced cost. 

As one customer stated, “Artel just released their new PCRMix solution and this really is a game-changer. If we had this during development, it would have saved us hundreds of development hours as we tried to optimize our liquid handling processes for master mix”. 

The presentation and poster are both available on Artel’s website. If you have any questions about these materials, please contact us at [email protected] – we are here to help.