Empower Your Liquid Delivery Quality Management Process

Centralize Management of Liquid Handling Devices and Operator Performance

WESTBROOK, ME (September 9, 2022) – Artel announces its new liquid delivery quality system management software, ArtelWare. Labs looking to increase the flexibility and utility of their liquid handlers, monitor the performance of their lab’s inventory of liquid handling instrumentation, automate the scheduling of verifications and calibrations, and monitor operator proficiency will find the software to be an easy-to-use, flexible and powerful management tool.

Introducing ArtelWareArtelWare now integrates the two software platforms for the MVS Multichannel Verification System and the PCS Pipette Calibration System. This new version allows users to track data from pipettes (manual and automated, single channel and multichannel) and automated liquid handlers in one database, enabling device oversight from a single customizable interface.

Among the many features of this new software is support for flexible microtiter plate dispensing layouts. Operators now can include or exclude channels or even specific wells in a layout, duplicating the dispensing pattern of actual assays in order to see how the liquid handler performs under those conditions.

Features and Capabilities:

  • Centralized data collection, reporting and management for all liquid handling instrumentation.
  • A single intuitive and customizable home screen.
  • Usage and maintenance scheduling and inventory management for automated liquid handlers as well as manual pipettes.
  • Emailed notifications of scheduled calibration and interim verification dates.
  • Operator assessment scheduling and checklists.
  • Integrated connection to an analytical balance – for pipette calibration for liquid volumes greater than 5ml.
  • Flexibility in creating plate layouts to match the actual layout of production assays. Channels can be selected or excluded at will.
  • IT-friendly – for users wishing to network their data.

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