eBook to Help Labs Maximize Efficiencies for their Lab Assay Workflows

WESTBROOK, ME (July 30, 2021) – In collaboration with SelectScience, Artel is pleased to announce the release of an eBook, “Assay Workflow Optimization: 7 elements for enhanced performance”, which covers the importance of the process optimization approach to assay development. These 7 elements are liquid class optimization, labware qualification, reagent qualification, pipette technique training, mixing & washing assessment, liquid handler evaluation and instrument calibration. Artel’s commitment to quality is made evident in this eBook by encouraging laboratories to apply the 7 key elements to reduce variability and increase accuracy of results.

Laboratory scientists continue to look for ways that will save them time while allowing them to produce reliable results, and this eBook presents multiple ways to do that. The eBook contains application notes and white papers which benefit the user by detailing how process optimization accelerates the assay transfer and improves data quality. One laboratory stated, “We were doing liquid class development and realized that we couldn’t get anything < 10 uL to pass. By implementing process optimization and utilizing Artel technology, we were able to optimize our liquid classes in just 6 tests! We took it from a 16% Inaccuracy down to 1.6% at 10 uL”.

With accuracy as the culmination of process optimization, this eBook drives home the connection between precision and trueness that is achieved by implementing the 7 elements. Investing in these steps will save users time and provide repeatable and quality results. “Assay Workflow Optimization: 7 elements for enhanced performance” serves as an all-in-one guide to improving end-to-end assay workflow.