Certification in Pipette and Quality Management for Laboratory Leaders at Intensive Seminar

Laboratory personnel deal with a host of challenges in what has become an increasingly complex environment. Meeting stringent regulatory compliance requirements, while also managing internal processes and ensuring quality assurance (QA) is a daily balancing act faced by labs everywhere.

Artel will bring its mission to provide impactful and unique learning opportunities for lab leaders to life this spring (May 17th-18th), conducting their Pipette Quality Management Certification seminar, aimed at addressing many of these important issues. In addition the event will focus on the improved use and care of pipettes in the lab.

The two-day seminar pairs Artel experts with lab personnel who use pipettes daily. It will provide instruction and guidance on meeting mandatory regulatory compliance, improving internal pipette management processes, and developing an in-house pipette QA program.

“This seminar is the ideal chance for folks who work in a lab-setting to get face-to-face with our experts to hone their skills,” says George Rodrigues, Artel’s Senior Director of Scientific Affairs. “The fact is, it takes training and practice to be able to meet tough regulations, while also handling the never-ending laundry list of managing internal processes and maintaining high QA standards.”

During the two-day course, Artel’s instructors will cover a wide range of pipette-specific topics, including best practices, ergonomics, compliance regulation, repair and maintenance, equipment failure diagnostics, calibration technologies, and single and multichannel technique certification. For those interested, there will be an overview of Artel technology with one of our lead development scientists.

After passing written and practical exams, participants will earn an official Artel Certificate of Proficiency. In addition, they will have the opportunity to take part in a Pipetting Challenge, vying for Gold, Silver or Bronze pipetting medals. Most importantly, participants will return to their labs with the essential tools they need. For registration information.

According to Doreen Rumery, Artel’s Quality Control Laboratory Manager, “We see a lot of value here for customers who handle pipettes day in and day out. They leave our seminar with the certified skills, knowledge and confidence they need to improve their own operations.”