Boston Lab Automation User Group Draws a Sellout Crowd

Boston Lab Automation User Group

Area Scientists Gather to Pool Automation Expertise, Discover Solution

WESTBROOK, ME (October 26, 2022) – The LinkedIn group “Boston Lab Automators” held their last meeting of the year at Bar Moxy in Boston on October 5. Response to the event was so enthusiastic that the venue sold out in advance. More than one attendee referred to it as “a mini SLAS!”. The group provides an invaluable resource for these scientists seeking more knowledge in the quickly evolving field of automation, expertise in diverse areas of laboratory science, and a chance to network with familiar faces and new colleagues. 

Boston Lab Automation User Group

Pipetting contestant competing in the Artel Pipetting Challenge.

The overwhelming number of people attending was in part a reflection of the continuing growth in automated liquid handling and the increasing complexity of laboratory workflows, and of the great need there is in the lab community to discover, develop, and implement ‘best practices’ methodologies to get the most productivity possible out of their instrumentation and processes. Attendees were given the opportunity to participate in the Artel Pipetting Challenge, competing with a multichannel pipette to see how accurately and repeatably they could dispense a low liquid volume into a microplate.

Artel is grateful for the chance to support this group and the laboratory professionals it serves. All are welcome to join BLA on LinkedIn, and anyone interested in finding out more or sponsoring an event may message the group owner Samuel Mohler on the site directly.