Artel PCS Software Expands to Include External Calibrations

WESTBROOK, ME (November 25, 2019) – Laboratories utilize a wide range of pipettes, from single-channel microliter to large-volume multichannel devices. Artel developed the PCS Software to provide a fully integrated solution that allows testing of all elements important to pipetting and pipetting devices, including the operator’s technique and the pipette’s performance. PCS Software keeps track of calibration data and history, calibration certificates, repair and maintenance records, training records and other related documents to ensure that lab results are consistent and reliably accurate.

“Our customers asked for our help to centralize documentation and tracking for all their pipettes, including those not managed by the PCS,” said Melinda Gold, PhD, PCS Product Manager. To assist labs with this challenge, Artel is releasing version 1.3 of  PCS Software. Gold explains, “This new version allows users to import external data for any pipette and attach it to the instrument’s history. Even devices that are not calibrated with the PCS can now have their data imported, so all of a laboratory’s pipette records can be kept in one easy to access repository. This represents a huge gain in efficiency for our customers’ laboratories.”

“Laboratory productivity equals laboratory success,” comments Nathaniel Hentz, Director Scientific Market Development for Artel. “The PCS and its software streamline pipette management and standardize operator pipetting. This results in lower variability, improved data reliability, and increased productivity throughout the lab.”

Further information about how the new software can benefit your lab can be found at Software. Artel customer service can be reached by phone at 1-866-406-3463 or by email at [email protected].