Artel Nano-Dispensing Presentation at EURAMET Technical Committee Meeting a Success

The European Association of National Metrology Institutes (EURAMET), an association committed to enhancing the benefits of metrology to society through the development and dissemination of a comprehensive measurement infrastructure for Europe, held their annual Technical Committee for Flow (TC-Flow) meeting in Madeira, Portugal (May 8-10, 2018). As one of the few non-institute members invited to attend, Artel senior director of scientific affairs, Dr. George Rodrigues gave an oral presentation on micro- and nano-dispensing that highlighted applications for improving global healthcare, as well as the unique challenges of measuring nano-volumes.  Well received, the presentation was selected by the committee chair for a summary of meeting highlights.

“This group of experts is passionate about how liquid volume and flow measurements can benefit healthcare.  We were excited to share Artel’s expertise on this important issue with EURAMET’s technical committee members,” says Rodrigues. “Improved diagnostic technology relies on increasingly smaller sample sizes, which allows advanced testing, which ultimately can improve healthcare costs and quality.”

Dr. Rodrigues’ presentation detailed various methods for accurately delivering tiny sample volumes, including acoustic transfer and ink jet technologies. In addition, the presentation highlighted challenges associated with measuring extremely small sample volumes.  Dr. Rodrigues also provided information about the ISO International Workshop Agreement (IWA 15) which provides standardized measurement procedures as well as statistical analytical methods to determine the performance of automated liquid handlers.

EURAMET, is a collaborative organization made up of established European national metrology institutes (NMIs), created to coordinate information, and develop international measurements and standards. EURAMET has several technical committees concentrated on specific areas of metrology, such as flow. The TC-Flow coordinates and develops the measurement of fluid quantity – including measurement at micro and nano scale – and measurements derived from it.