Artel Launches New PCS® Software to Increase Lab Efficiency and Enhance User Experience

WESTBROOK, ME (December 08, 2017) – Artel, a developer of operator-friendly liquid handling technology, is proud to announce the launch of its next-generation PCS® Software version 1.2. Designed following extensive feedback from customers’, Artel’s latest version of its popular pipette quality and management software features superior ease-of-use, and promises a streamlined laboratory workflow and improved overall user experience. The state-of-the-art software is fully compatible with Artel’s first generation PCS (Pipette Calibration System) instruments and is integrated with the current generation PCS.

“We worked closely with PCS users to develop the best solution in liquid handling quality assurance software,” says Melinda Gold, Product Manager, Artel. “With PCS version 1.2, we added specific features designed to help labs who are facing enormous workloads or increasingly strict compliance requirements perform at the highest level.”

PCS Software now includes several advanced features created to improve various lab processes, such as pipette identification, scheduling and reporting. In addition, the new software allows for barcode scanning of pipettes to initiate the calibration process, look up past reports, and initiate additional pipette-related workflow – all directly from the home screen.

With this latest software version, operators now have easier and more flexible ways to schedule pipettes for calibrations and interim verifications. In addition, the new software makes it easier to configure individual pipette reports with editable fields including company name, address, logo, accreditation logo and certificate number, and the title of the calibration or training report – all of which will make managing the workflow associated with pipetting easier, more efficient and, when compliance is an issue, more robust.

About Artel

Laboratories worldwide depend upon Artel technology and expertise to standardize and optimize their liquid handling instruments and processes, and to provide them with total confidence in their results. Since 1982, Artel has been solving liquid handling quality, productivity and compliance challenges in laboratories in pharmaceutical, and biotechnology research and manufacturing, regulatory agencies, academia, clinical diagnostics, forensics, public health, agbio, food quality and safety, environmental testing, and research.

Artel provides quality assurance systems and a broad and fully customizable range of support, training and consultation services for laboratories using automated liquid handling instrumentation and manual pipettes.