Artel to Host Pipette Quality Management Certification Seminar

Westbrook, Maine (September 1, 2013) – Artel, the leader in liquid handling quality assurance, announced today that it will host a Pipette Quality Management Certification Seminar at its headquarters in Westbrook, Maine on October 10-11, 2013.  Attendees will include lab managers from prominent universities, research centers and pharmaceutical companies, from the U.S. and abroad. The seminar is designed to assist laboratories in structuring and administering quality programs for their liquid handling processes, in order to ensure data integrity and quality of laboratory test results.  Interested attendees can register online at

“This hands-on, two-day seminar is for laboratory personnel concerned with the use and management of pipettes, ensuring regulatory compliance, and establishing an internal pipette quality assurance program,” says Wendy Vaccaro, technical services manager for Artel. “With intensified regulatory scrutiny and personnel shortages, life science laboratories are increasingly addressing not only skills training but also quality systems.”

Artel offers two levels of training and certification, both focused on hand-held pipettes. The first level is a one-day seminar for laboratorians who use pipettes in their daily tasks. This second level two-day seminar is designed for laboratory managers. In addition to topics covered in the first level of training, participants in the second level are educated on regulatory requirements, establishing internal liquid handling quality assurance programs, diagnosing pipette failures, and calibration technologies.

About Artel

Founded in 1982, Artel specializes in applying proprietary ratiometric photometry-based technology to solve liquid handling quality, productivity and compliance challenges for laboratories in a wide range of industries including pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies, regulatory bodies, academia, clinical diagnostics, forensics, public health, food quality and safety, and environmental testing.

Artel also provides a broad and fully customizable range of quality assurance support, training and consultation services including Liquid Handler Performance Verification services for automated laboratories, on-site Pipetting Technique Training and Quality Management Certification for pipette users and laboratory managers.