Artel Celebrating Lab Technician Excellence at AACC 2019

WESTBROOK, Maine (July 23, 2019) – At AACC Artel will be highlighting the critical role played by skilled technicians in providing high quality test results, an issue of importance to all clinical laboratories.  Pipetting quality will be the topic of a Lecture Series presentation and is the theme of the popular Artel Pipetting Challenge.  Artel’s two product platforms, the PCS and MVS, are also focused on optimizing liquid handling performance when using hand-held pipettes and automated liquid handlers.

In the AACC Lecture Series, Artel’s is presenting “Patient Outcomes Depend on Accurate Test Results Which Depend on Operator Proficiency”.  Dr Melinda Gold will discuss the critical linkage between technician excellence and test results, and how technology can be harnessed, transparently and effectively, to ensure precision and accuracy in pipetting.

The Artel Pipetting Challenge returns to AACC and will reward its contestants with insights on maximizing their pipetting skill, as well as bronze, silver and gold medals and, for the winning scores, an Amazon gift card for lab supplies and an Amazon Fire tablet.  Leading pipette manufacturers are providing pipettes for the Challenge, and will donate to the victors the pipettes used to win.  A participant in last year’s Pipetting Challenge exclaimed: “This is an incredible learning experience.  I improved my pipetting precision dramatically, I saw how well I could pipette with a brand I had never had the chance before to use, and came home as a winner with a medal around my neck.”

The popular Artel poster “Ten Tips for Better Pipetting”, now on the walls in many laboratories, will also be available at the Artel booth.

Dr Gold comments: “Medical professionals depend on clinical laboratories to help them make the correct treatment decisions on a daily basis.  Accurate test results are a critical element in the process of creating superior outcomes for patients, and proficiency in liquid delivery techniques plays a huge role in generating that important data.   Artel is proud to be providing programs and technology to improve skills and therefore clinical results, and to be recognizing the importance of skilled laboratory technicians”.

Where and When:

AACC Annual Scientific Meeting & Clinical Lab Expo in Anaheim, CA.  August 4-8, 2019.

Dr Gold’s presentation “Patient Outcomes Depend on Accurate Test Results Which Depend on Operator Proficiency” will be in Theater 3, on Wednesday, August 7 at 11:00.

The Artel Pipetting Challenge and the Ten Tips poster, and demonstration and discussion of the Artel PCS and Artel MVS, will be available throughout the show at Artel Booth 2155.