Artel Celebrates Medical Laboratory Professionals

WESTBROOK, ME (March 29, 2019) Lab professionals are highly skilled individuals whose work drives important medical decisions on a daily basis. Artel is once again celebrating these dedicated laboratorians during Medical Laboratory Professionals Week, April 21-27, 2019 with its popular Pipetting Challenge contest.

“Clinical lab science professionals play a vital role in the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of disease, and it was important for us to provide a fun way that lets them celebrate their achievements”, says Bernadette Danis, Marketing Manager. “Their work requires incredible attention to detail and a sustained commitment to excellence as the testing they do every day has a huge impact on the quality of health care for so many.  The Artel Pipetting Challenge serves to highlight and recognize their efforts in a way that makes this dedication shine.”

The Pipetting Challenge is an entertaining and unique competition with teams of laboratorians across the U.S. and Canada striving to achieve the lowest coefficient of variation (CV) scores. Lab teams consist of 10 people, each using the Artel PCS to take 10 consecutive data points with a 20 µL volume pipette. Each team member can win an individual gold, silver, or bronze medal based on the precision of his or her delivery. The top 10 scores will be posted on Artel’s website during the contest, and the three labs with the overall lowest % CV scores will win team prizes.

Further details regarding participating in the Pipetting Challenge can be found at: