Artel at ACMG

WESTBROOK, ME (April 2, 2019) Getting the most value out of precious samples and expensive reagents and being able to troubleshoot complex assays quickly is a necessity for high throughput qPCR and NGS workflows. Minimizing operator variability and inconsistency between operators enables genomics researchers to maximize quality data generation and throughput.  A leading genomics researcher stated, “When the stakes are this high, I need resources I can count on.”

Artel offers a suite of services and products focusing on the critical steps of genomics workflows, from assay optimization support and instruction in pipetting best practices to liquid handler performance verification, multichannel pipette calibration, and quality system training. The Artel MVS is assisting clinical genomics labs in numerous ways including accurate transfer of small volumes of master mix, ensuring optimal mixing, reducing assay development time, and ensuring accurate diluent volume for DNA normalization steps. The Artel PCS can be used to rapidly detect and correct issues resulting from improper operator techniques when utilizing single channel pipettes.

Artel will be discussing its solutions for NGS and genomics challenges at ACMG. Come visit us in booth 1207 to explore how we can help you achieve your goals in laboratory and data excellence.