Applications Team Solves Assay Workflow Challenges for Customers

WESTBROOK, ME (January 1, 2020) – In response to customer requests for support in the challenging areas of assay and workflow optimization, Artel is expanding its Applications Team.  The insights gained from providing extremely accurate and precise liquid handling performance data to numerous bio-pharmaceutical and genomics laboratories are being applied to assist labs in ensuring that critical process steps in assays are executed with greater speed and efficiency.

“Supporting our customers has grown into much more than providing technology for periodic performance verification of liquid handlers,” asserts Michael Grimaldi, Applications Scientist. “Skillfully reducing the time and materials that go into assays, ensuring successful method transfer, optimizing assay design before putting it into use, and quickly determining root causes in assays that fail are examples of situations where our Applications Team has been able to contribute significantly to the success of our customers’ laboratory operations.”

As the applications team works with customers on developing assay and workflow optimization solutions for ELISAs and NGS, we will feature that information on the Artel website to assist labs in achieving their goals for quality and productivity. “Each ELISA comes with its own unique optimization needs, and attending to these methodically and thoroughly will ensure results in which you can have full confidence” states Dr. Nathaniel Hentz, who has joined Artel as Scientific Market Development Director and heads the Applications Team. Dr. Hentz brings nearly two decades of bio-pharmaceutical laboratory experience, instrumentation, automation and assay expertise to leading the Team as it helps Artel customers realize their laboratory productivity goals.