SLAS2021 Digital International Conference and Exhibition

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The Artel team would like to thank you for participating in the Artel events at SLAS and for making this a successful event.

Exhibitor Tutorials

Product Launch Showcase

PCRMix QualAssure solution for optimizing PCR assays

Delivering the correct volume of master mix has a significant impact on the quality of qPCR test results. When running automated PCR assays, laboratories have not had an efficient means of tuning in their liquid handlers to ensure correct test volumes. Learn more about our QualAssure line of products.


A New Solution for Optimizing PCR Master Mix Liquid Transfers

Primary Author: Michael Grimaldi, (Artel)
Co-Authors: Rachel Parshley, Heather Bushie, Kaziya Lee, PhD., John Thomas Bradshaw, PhD. (Artel)

Measuring and ensuring accuracy and precision of liquid delivery steps when transitioning from handheld pipettes to automated liquid handlers is a constant challenge, especially for complex assays like qPCR and next generation sequencing. In this poster we show the similarities of PCRMix QualAssure compared to various commercially available PCR and qPCR master mixes. Equally, we show that aqueous and glycerol/water solutions are not suitable mimics for PCR master mix. Read more.

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Learn how to get optimal performance from your pipettes and automated liquid handlers. Artel products and services help you ensure that your volume transfers are accurate, giving you confidence in your results.