Pipetting Proficiency Certification

artel-training-artel-certified-logoDesigned to meet the needs of all laboratory personnel who use pipettes, this one-day, hands-on training seminar is conducted at your facility overcome this gap in traning by teaching:

  • pipette mechanics
  • proper technique
  • how to identify causes of pipette failure
  • how to recognize ergonomic risk factors and sources of stress

Participants are awarded a Gold, Silver, or Bronze pipetting medal and an official Artel Certificate of Proficiency after passing both the written and practical exams.

Topics include:

  • Pipettes in the Laboratory Overview
  • Mitigating Pipette Operator Variability
  • Pipette Ergonomics


Part I – Pipettes in the Laboratory Overview

  • Understand the mechanics of pipettes
  • Identify causes of pipette failure
  • Define guidelines on calibration frequency, number of data points, and tolerance limits
  • Assess the need for operator training with guidelines for training and testing

Part II – Mitigating Pipette Operator Variability

  • Perform “as-found” operator proficiency evaluation
  • Understand the impact of proper pipetting technique
  • Participate in hands-on standardized technique training session
  • Apply new skills in a post-training practical exam

Part III – Ergonomics

  • Recognize risk factors, sources of stress, common problems
  • Discuss laboratory and workstation design
  • Identify solution for reducing ergonomic injuries

Part IV – Written Test Covering the Day’s Topics

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