Medical Laboratory Professionals Week

Medical Laboratory Professionals Week

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Celebrate Lab Week with the Artel Pipetting Challenge!

Thank you medical lab professionals! We recognize that every day you are hard at work helping to deliver quality results that lead us all to healthier lives. As part of Lab Week every year, Artel celebrates medical lab professionals by offering the Artel Pipetting Challenge.

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The cost of registration is $125.00 (per team):

  • Rules & Instructions
  • Promotional Poster
  • Reagents to use with the Artel PCS
  • Pipetting Challenge medals (Provided after the event)
  • Certificates of Participation (Provided after the event)

How it Works

Create your team now by enlisting 10 members. Each member of your team will use a 20 uL pipette and the PCS Pipette Calibration System to collect 10 consecutive data points. Submit your score to Artel by the May 15, 2020 deadline.


Team Prize
The top 3 teams with the lowest average % CV are awarded prizes as follows:

  • Team Gold – $300 gift card
  • Team Silver – $200 gift card
  • Team Bronze – $100 gift card

Individual Awards
Each team member can win a Gold, Silver, or Bronze medal based upon their CV score:
0.00-0.19% CV Gold
0.20-0.49% CV Silver
0.50-1.00% CV Bronze

New this year

Meet Manny the Artel Moose. Get creative with Manny photos and share pictures on Facebook. The team with the most “likes” can win an additional $100 gift card. We look forward to seeing team photos. Have fun!

Training Materials

If you would like to practice ahead of time you can build your own pipette training program or brush up on your pipetting technique knowledge.

2019 Results: Top 10

RankTeam Name% CV
1Master Petters0.2070
2ARUP Team 90.2450
3Sonic Super Pipettors0.2550
4ARUP Team 30.2580
5ARUP Team 10.2922
6ARUP Team 180.3200
7ARUP Team 80.2550
8ARUP Team 170.4850
9ARUP Team 190.4940
10ARUP Team 140.5590