Automated Liquid Handling Optimization | With a focus on liquid classes

Learn the keys to success in automating your assay

This course is designed to highlight key steps in optimizing your automated liquid handler. The focus during this course will be on liquid class properties and how best to evaluate and make adjustments so that an overall process is optimized and reliable. Key principles such as liquid transfer strategies, liquid class or technique settings, environmental factors, and setting tolerances are just some of the important topics that will be covered. The course will also examine basics of troubleshooting assay workflows.

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Course Topics

Relating manual pipetting with automated pipetting
  • Manually aspirate and dispense a variety of fluid types; translate the movements into automation
Getting to know your automated liquid handler
  • Identifying the important parts of a liquid handler
  • Introduction to the software and basic terminology
  • Editing a basic script
Working with different liquid types
  • Evaluating pipetting strategies for the various liquid properties and scenarios
Calibrating the performance of your ALH
  • Verifying volume accuracy and precision and making actual adjustments to optimize performance
Evaluating your mixing step
  • Create a mixing step and measure its effectiveness

Meet the Instructors

Nathaniel Hentz
  • Dr. Nathaniel Hentz is currently Director, Scientific Market Development at Artel. Prior to that, Dr. Hentz served as Assistant Director of the BTEC Analytical Lab at North Carolina State University for almost 11 years. In that role, he taught both undergraduate and graduate level courses as well as industry short courses focused on biopharmaceutical assay development and validation. Dr. Hentz's tenure in the HTS industry includes nearly two years supporting the automated screening systems within the Lead Discovery group at Bristol-Myers Squibb in Connecticut and seven years developing screens at Eli Lilly RTP Laboratories in North Carolina.
Kaziya Lee
  • Dr. Kaziya is a Laboratory Applications Scientist with nearly a decade of experience as a bench scientist. Kaziya understands the real-world challenges of the lab and applies her extensive scientific knowledge to assist customers in solving liquid handling process and assay issues that critically impact productivity and data integrity.
George Rodrigues
  • An experienced metrologist and well-known expert in the field of liquid delivery, Dr. Rodrigues joined Artel as the Senior Scientific Manager. He oversees specification for volume measurement products and services and provides consulting support and customer education. He has created and delivered programs to improve quality at pharmaceutical, biotechnology, forensic and clinical laboratories in the United States, Europe and Japan.

    Dr. Rodrigues is also active in numerous metrology and standards development and quality systems advisory committees for organizations including ASTM, ISO, and the American Association for Laboratory Accreditation (A2LA).
Keith Albert
  • Dr. Albert is an expert in liquid handling performance management, providing customized services across a wide range of platforms, applications, liquid volumes, and liquid classes. As Senior Applications Scientist, Keith combines his extensive knowledge and experience with rigorous science in his work in liquid handling system performance research, customer education and assay/method validation to help laboratories optimize their liquid handling processes.
Mike Grimaldi
  • As a member of the Artel Quality Control department, Michael works as a Laboratory Chemist. His primary responsibilities include manufacturing and testing solutions, calibrating systems and calibration of laboratory equipment. Michael is trained and qualified to comply with the requirements of ISO/IEC 17025 and is also a member of the Artel Liquid Handling Service team. In addition, Michael has several years of experience in research labs including 5 plus years managing an academic research lab at Massachusetts General Hospital.


Cost of Seminar: $2,000.00 per person

Due to the coronavirus pandemic Artel is postponing in-person training seminars until further notice. We will continue to monitor the situation and reinstitute the seminars when it is safe to reopen the training center. Additionally we are looking into the feasibility of remote seminars and will post notifications as the information becomes available. In the meantime, if you need any assistance, please feel free to email us at or call 888-406-3463 opt. 2.