October 28, 2015
Lean lab

In-House Pipette Calibration: The Lean Way

When your tests can impact criminal cases, help labs confirm that a sample belongs to a specific patient, or help verify or refute paternity, data quality matters. Your answers can't be wrong. Knowing that your pipettes are performing within specifications is a critical part of ensuring data quality, but for Sorenson Genomics, managing pipette calibration was a challenge.
April 20, 2015

XenoTech Ensures Quality

Utilizing Artel technology, XenoTech was able to miniaturize many of their assays, moving from 48-well plates in 2008 to 96- and 384-well plates in today’s assays. Increasing throughput while maintaining quality means faster timelines for their clients and more efficient processes overall.
April 17, 2014
improved pipetting technique

Improved Pipetting Technique: An “Out-of-the-Box” Solution to Reduce Manual Pipetting Errors

Working with Artel, Takeda developed an analyst qualification program using the same technology it uses to verify and calibrate its robotic liquid handlers. The implementation of the comprehensive program not only reduced assay failures but also helped the company transfer assays from bench to automation by using the same measurement standard for each phase of the process.
October 9, 2013

The eVolving Needs of Quality Assurance

SGE’s revolutionary electronic syringe provides critical performance when and where it is needed in demanding QA field applications. Introducing a new method or product into the […]
September 26, 2013

Getting Back to Laboratory Basics

Since laboratories are focusing so heavily on automation these days, it is easy to lose sight of the most important aspect of productivity: laboratory personnel. We have become used to calibrating instruments and running extensive quality control tests to measure their performance, however when it comes to assessing the accuracy and precision of laboratory technicians, we may be falling short.
September 26, 2013

First World Standards Take Root in Haiti’s National Lab

Taking up the Western half of Hispaniola, the island where Columbus first landed, Haiti and its history continues to be shaped by the resilience of its people. Despite being battered, with equal force, by political instability and natural disasters, the country is always looking towards the future, confident that its day will come.
September 26, 2013

Mobile Laboratory Gives North Carolina’s Biotech Industry a Lift

From a distance it would be easy to mistake North Carolina’s BioNetwork Mobile Laboratory for a city bus as it makes pit stops across the state’s sprawling community college network. But take a look inside and there’s no mistaking the fact that the educational experiment on wheels is one of the most unique and innovative workforce training initiatives in the state. It’s also the only one of its kind in the country.
September 25, 2013

On-the-Job Training That’s Not on the Job

With the third-largest concentration of biotechnology firms in the United States and thriving business-academic partnerships centered around Research Triangle Park, North Carolina is fast becoming a global center for life sciences leadership.
September 23, 2013

North Carolina Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services Keeps Tainted Goods out of Consumer Reach with Artel Products and Services

Laboratory Challenge With a staggering list of recently tainted food and drug products in the U.S., product safety is understandably a growing concern of American consumers. […]
September 9, 2013

Contract Laboratory Improves Liquid Handling Quality Assurance

For LINCO Diagnostic Services, a contract laboratory specializing in ligand binding assays, quality assurance is critical. Performing functions such as bioanalytical services and clinical trials for pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies, LINCO is under intense and continual scrutiny by its clients and the FDA.